Sunday, June 4, 2023

Borrell: European Navies Should Patrol the Taiwan Strait

The European Union (EU) High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell stated in his article in the French-based Journal Du Dimanche (JDD) that the navies of European countries should patrol the Taiwan Strait.

Evaluating the EU-China relations and China’s attitude towards Taiwan in the JDD newspaper, EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Borrell said, “Even if China does not directly threaten our security, it poses a multidimensional challenge for Europe.” Borrell stated that China is both a partner and a competitor for the EU.

BOTH PARTNER AND COMPETITOR: “China is a partner, because there is an absolute need for cooperation with China, given its global nature on many issues such as biodiversity, climate change, poor countries’ indebtedness or epidemics. But this is not without dialogue. With Beijing on many issues,” said Borrell. “We have deep differences of opinion. On the subject of values, China’s view of individual rights and fundamental freedoms is completely opposite to ours.” ONE-CHINA POLICY AND TAIWAN

Borrell emphasized that the EU supports the one-China policy, but this support is not in all circumstances. Borrell said, “Our position on Taiwan is simple and consistent. In our view there is only one China. But not in all circumstances. Certainly not through the use of force. Europe must be very active in these matters of economic, commercial and technological interest. That is why European navies “I urge you to patrol the Taiwan Strait to demonstrate your commitment to freedom of navigation in this highly critical region. We must also be vigilant against provocations. The vast majority of Taiwanese people believe that the peaceful status quo is the most appropriate solution. So let’s be determined to implement this principle.”


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