Thursday, June 8, 2023

Bongonda brings Cádiz closer to permanence by beating Valladolid

Cádiz is close to remaining in LaLiga Santander after beat Valladolid this Friday with two goals from Théo Bongonda in the 69th and 76th minute of the game. During the first part, Valladolid came out with the premise of launching long balls to surprise the defense of the locals.

From minute 10, the people of Cádiz warned with incursions into the visiting areaThe most dangerous being a breakthrough by Belgian Théo Bongonda who miraculously cut for Sergio Escudero for Pucelanos when the local midfielder was going to finish off.

In the 18th minute an action by Luis Hernández on the striker Larin was reviewed, in which Valladolid asked for a penalty for grabbingwhich was ultimately not granted.

The game was developed with equality in the equator of this perioduntil Cádiz tried it on an outside shot by Argentine Gonzalo Escalante that Jordi Masip stopped (m.29).

Shortly after, Martínez Munuera gave Moroccan Jawald El Yamiq a penalty on Chris Ramos (m.35), but Rubén Alcaraz’s shot went over the crossbar of the Pucelana goal.

The locals, despite the blow, continued looking for the rival’s goal and, thus, two chances came from Bongonda, one with a shot into the side of the net and another in which Masip stopped the Belgian’s attempt (m.45+).

After the restart, the two coaches moved their benches, entering the Honduran striker Anthony Lozano in Cádiz and refreshing the midfield of Valladolid.

The game was smooth but with inaccuracies, which led to the absence of opportunities to uneven the score.

Until Bongonda broke the visitor’s goal with a left-footed shot from the front that slipped in without Masip being able to do anything to avoid the goal (m.68).

Eight minutes later, another penalty for Cádiz, for the demolition of Javi Sánchez on Lozano. Scored Bongonda, big scorer for the locals (m.75).

The game ended up going uphill for Valladolid due to the expulsion of Hongla for a tackle on Lozano (m.79).

In the last minutes, the visitors had a good chance for Venezuelan Darwin Machisbut the match ended with a Cádiz victory.


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