Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Bombshell! Mexican referees receive gifts and women in their hotels, said a Fox Sports commentator

He arbitration in Liga MX It has been the object of harsh criticism and comments so far in the tournament, both by fans and by technicians and the media, this due to the errors they have had in the campaign, even versions of help to teams have been handled and this has been adds a new great controversy.

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They send gifts to the referees in their hotels before the games. They send women. And I know this from a very good source. They give them a driver, gifts and women”, declared John Laguna of Fox Sports, to which his fellow program members showed skepticism and there were even jokes about it.

john laguna suggested the existence of a mafia within the referee guildl, since according to his statements, these events are a practice that has been going on for a long time, although he refused to reveal names, he claimed to have reliable sources.

Until now, neither the arbitration union nor the Liga MX have issued an official position on the matter; however, due to the forcefulness of these statements and the platform used to disseminate them, the information has caused a stir among the fans, who are already beginning to speculate about who could have benefited from these alleged practices.


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