Friday, June 2, 2023

Bofo Bautista warms up the Guadalajara Classic: “Atlas is an insignificant team”

This Saturday, April 1st, one more edition of the classic tapatio and prior to this duel, adolf bautistatook the opportunity to throw a dart at the Atlas.

In interview with Halftimehe bofo He remembered that when he played in Chivashe did not like to have special celebrations against the red and blackbecause he did not consider it a sufficiently attractive game, a situation contrary to national classic against the Eagles.

“Against Atlas I did not celebrate them (the annotations), with the America Yes, it was lived intensely. I have said it, (Atlas) is a team that, personally, seems insignificant to me and celebrating a goal for them was not attractive to me, ”she pointed out emphatically.

Likewise, the former player of the Herd He recalled that he was the type of player who liked to be insulted by the rival fans, because from his perspective, that motivated him to score goals and when he did, celebrate the fans.

“There are types of players, who are insulted and go down, but I was a type of player who liked that the fans were yelling at me, to tell them: ‘Look, right now I’m going to show you on the field how to does’; and make some plays or score a goal and shut people up. With respect: ‘You’re yelling at me, regardless, and there’s that goal… Did you like it?’ That’s how he silenced them, but not going any further like insulting them, hitting them or throwing something at them, no. But it’s part of football.”

It is important to mention that during his career in Chivashe bofo he scored three goals against the red and black; however, in the classic tapatio of 2005, which won the rojiblancos 3-2, he was booked after scoring a goal that he did not celebrate, something that unleashed the annoyance of the players themselves foxes.


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