Sunday, December 10, 2023

BlueBay wants to end the judicial administration of Málaga CF

New chapter in the legal mess that surrounds the Malaga CF. Judge María de los Ángeles Ruiz summoned the parties involved this Friday morning in it dispute between the Al-Thani and the Association of Small Shareholders of the club following a letter issued at the beginning of February by BlueBayLout Gestión -Daniel Pastor’s company- and the City Council of Malagain which they requested that there be changes in the judicial administration that has been affecting the entity of Martiricos for more than three years now.

The meeting in the City of Justice served for the magistrate to listen to the parties. María de los Ángeles Ruiz wanted the applicants to explain and clarify the reasons that have led her to claim these changes in the judicial administration of José María Muñoz in the three companies affected in the case. Now, after everyone has laid out her arguments, It will be the prosecutor who decides in a few days if there is any change or if everything continues as before.

Bluebay, blunt

BlueBay once again defended that “Málaga CF could function perfectly as a company without intervention”. Jamal Satli Iglesias’ company is firmly committed to the end of judicial administration. “Our theory is that not all companies should be blocked through a judicial administration, it is not necessary. You have to see each one of them in particular. We will see your honor’s analysis and it will be respected. It is good that we have had the opportunity to express ourselves”, said Gonzalo Hervás, general director of Bluebay, in Ciudad de la Justicia after the meeting of all the parties with the judge in the case. “All parties have had their opportunity to break down their arguments. They have not agreed on their approaches. Therefore, his honor is going to take a few days and pronounce shortly, “he said after being asked about the possible decision of the magistrate.

BlueBay defended before the judge its position that Málaga CF should not be affected by a judicial administration, since the company is not 100% controlled by Al-Thani. “We have asked for certain changes within the different societies. There are some that are 100% Al-Thani that are understood to be controlled by a judicial administration and others that are not necessarily 100% Al-Thani. In some it has 51%. At Málaga CF itself, in the end Al-Thani ends up having 49%. There are different points of view from all of them and we believe that it is necessary for this institutional problem that the club has to normalize, “he explained.

The APA, contrary to change

After the appointment that took place this Friday in the Courts, the position of the APA continues to be that the judicial administration remains “as it is”. “They have not convinced us. Economic issues have been revealed, but such problems have not been proven. What has been revealed have been particular and personal interests of each of the parties, not the general interest of Malaga. It is what we defend. They have not convinced us, our position is that keep the situation as it is now», defended Antonio Castillo, lawyer for the Association of Small Shareholders of the club, outside the Courts.

«The APA cannot be separated from the petition because it was never there. We wanted to come to hear the allegations and they have not convinced us. Dumet Grayeb has filed a petition to replace the receiver. The City Council, that the judicial administrator be maintained, but that it be changed in the rest of the companies. Those have been the different lines. Each of the parties has asked for a different thing,” he added.

The judicial mess that has been plaguing the blue and white club for years does not seem to end in the short term, far from it. It must be remembered that once again the lawyers who defended the Al-Thani resigned at the end of March to continue assisting him and now the Qataris must appoint new lawyers or they will end up assigning one ex officio.

This being the case, in a few days the prosecutor will decide on these issues raised for weeks by BlueBay, Lout Gestión and the Malaga City Council. Will there be any change or will everything continue as before? We will know shortly…


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