Sunday, December 3, 2023

Bill Gates predicts the death of cell phones: the replacement of mobile phones in the future is more than curious

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gateshas always been recognized for its great technological innovations, but this time it has outdone itself by pronouncing on a new project that would revolutionize the way people communicate and control their health and well-being: electronic tattoos on the skin, which would be substitutes for cell phones.

As it explains nexofin on his website, these tattoos, still in full development by the company Chaotic Moon, they would be made up of a special ink to conduct electricity and advanced chips and nanotechnologyallowing the measurement of heart rate, blood pressure, the amount of oxygen in the blood and other vital signs without the need for an external device.

For Gates, this invention could be the protagonist of the coming decades, since the collection of medical and sports data in real time would allow the prevention of serious diseases and the control of vital signs in athletes and older people who need supervision.

It will work like a phone

The famous philanthropist believes that this invention it will have all the functions of today’s smartphones, which already measure health values ​​on their own or connected to smartwatches.

electronic tattoo

Biotechnology is essential in the development of these electronic tattoos, which is why the company behind it, Chaotic Moon, is working hard to ensure that this project is a success.

The future is bright for electronic tattoo technology and Bill Gates is confident that this invention will be a revolutionary tool for controlling and monitoring health and wellness. As the project continues to develop, these tattoos could become an essential tool for athletes, the elderly, and anyone who wants to keep a close eye on their health at all times.


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