Friday, December 9, 2022

Bigg Boss: Sajid Khan got angry after hearing personal comment, ran to kill Archana Gautam, then…

Archana Gautam is ruling Bigg Boss 16. The best thing about her game is that Archana considers all the family members as contestants. Then whether it is Abdu Rojik or Sajid Khan. Archana Gautam is not afraid to mess with anyone. Archana Gautam will be shown confronting director Sajid Khan in the upcoming episode.

Archana-Sajid fight
A new promo of the show has come out in which all the family members are sitting in a car. Perhaps there is a task to get the contestants out of the vehicle. Sajid Khan was seen here targeting Archana Gautam. They troll Archana Gautam and say – she has been thrown out, crying, don’t take her out. Giving a befitting reply to this, Archana says – If someone learns to blackmail from you. Then Sajid Khan says – People who stammer think that their father runs the show. Giving a befitting reply to Sajid, Archana says – If my father was so rich, he could have run Bigg Boss. You tell your father, he will run it.

Sajid Khan’s mercury high
Sajid Khan gets chills after hearing this answer of Archana Gautam. Sajid Khan’s mercury gets high. He gets down from the car in anger and lashing out at Archana says – you have taken my father’s name. Come on down Look at your status. Archana also gets angry and says – go to my mother later, go to your father. I will tear it and keep it. get out. Archana Gautam had so much to say that Sajid Khan proceeded to kill her. That’s why Shiv Thackeray and MC Stan try to control Sajid Khan.

After watching this explosive promo of Bigg Boss, the fans have become excited to watch the show. People are appreciating the courage of Archana Gautam. Whereas Sajid Khan is being trolled. People on social media say that only Archana Gautam has the guts to mess with Sajid Khan. Otherwise, the rest of the contestants just keep doing Sajid Khan’s presence.

To know what is the outcome of this fight between Sajid Khan and Archana Gautam, you will have to wait for the episode to go on air.

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