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Bigg Boss instigating against Vicky Jain, jealousy over the game or fear of being left behind by TV stars?

A spectacle is being seen every day in television’s most controversial show Bigg Boss 17. Relationships seem to be changing every day in the Bigg Boss house. Many contestants were seen getting bored on the show within two weeks, while many were seen crossing the entertainment level. Businessman Vicky Jain has dominated the show among contestants like Munawar Farooqui, Ankita Lokhande and Mannara Chopra. Vicky is seen doing things in Bigg Boss house, which no one had even imagined. The surprising thing is that Vicky is so popular that even Bigg Boss now has to gossip about him.

Bigg Boss jealous of Vicky’s popularity
Ankita Lokhande is a popular television actress, apart from shows, she has also worked in many films. When she entered the show with her husband Vicky Jain, it seemed that Ankita would have the best game in the couple. But it did not happen. Instead of Ankita, Vicky became the highlight of the show. The contestants of the show were seen taking knowledge from him from the very first day.

Whatever Vicky thought and said, every member of the house was ready to accept it. Vicky did not have the experience of playing the show, but he used his brain and started playing the game. Not only did the contestants of the show consider him as their tough competition, but the guests coming to the show also seemed impressed by Vicky.

Why did Bigg Boss have to gossip?
Bigg Boss has always been accused of being biased. This time they are discriminating on the basis of sting injury. Vicky’s game surprised Bigg Boss so much that he was seen gossiping about her with the contestants. First he tried to turn Ankita against Vicky. Then told Mannara and Munavvar that Vicky wants to use them to move ahead.

Not only this, now Bigg Boss has also told Neil Bhatt that Vicky has come after making a deal from outside. They want to use their friendship to reach the finale. Then Bigg Boss listened to Neil and his attitude towards Vicky changed. The question here is why is Bigg Boss gossiping about Vicky? If a contestant does not play the game, he is asked to do something so that he can be seen on camera. When Vicky is seen in the show, Bigg Boss is also facing problems due to this.

There could be many reasons for the makers to do this. The first is that Vicky’s mind is so sharp that he thinks ahead of even Bigg Boss. Due to which Bigg Boss’s planning gets spoiled. The second reason could be that Bigg Boss does not want Vicky to win the show instead of any TV actor.


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