Sunday, December 10, 2023

Bigg Boss did this to repay the house loan, did not even know who Elvish Yadav was, said Sangram Singh

Sangram Singh has been a part of Bigg Boss 7. Through this show, Sangram was successful in winning the hearts of many viewers. However, after this show, as it was expected that Sangram would be more active in the glamor world, it did not happen. Sangram’s activism is more visible in sports and social work activities.

On the special reason for joining Bigg Boss, Sangram says, I have certainly done Bigg Boss but have not seen my own show. To be honest, I did not know much about Bigg Boss before doing the show. I had bought a house in those days, for which I had taken a loan. Meanwhile, I got a call from Bigg Boss people, they said that they will give so much money, you will do our show. I also immediately agreed to get rid of the loan.

Sangram further explains, I had taken only ordinary clothes which I buy from the market. Say, I had arrived with shorts worth Rs 50 and a vest worth Rs 100. After going there, I came to know that even a shirt costs two lakh rupees… or only a belt worth thirty thousand rupees… Salman ji also asked me about clothes, then I said that if it costs two lakh rupees, I will eat ghee. So that I keep shining so much that I don’t need clothes to make myself shine. My priorities were different.

Recently, when it was talked about the VIP treatment given to Elvish Yadav by the Haryana government, national champion Vijendra also expressed his opinion and took a dig at the government by saying that the government is giving more importance to the popular faces on social media than the players. Elvish and Vijendra were seen taking sarcasm at each other on this entire matter. When we asked Sangram for his opinion on this entire issue, Sangram said, I believe that any Chief Minister is a public representative. He will do what he thinks is best for him. So that he can see the party or its benefits. I believe it is important to have balance in everything. Although I do not want to go into details.

Sangram further says, I never even watched my season, nor did I know who Elvish Yadav was.. who won or lost what season.. someone called me and told that a boy from our side, Elvish Yadav, has won. My only reaction was that it is a good thing.. may God give him promotion. The difference that Vijendra was having at that time with the Sports Ministry and the State is a separate issue.


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