Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Bigg Boss 17: When asked about Ankita Lokhande’s past, what will husband Vicky do?

Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande are appearing in a reality show for the second time after marriage. Earlier both were seen in a smart pair. Vicky, who has entered Bigg Boss 17 this time as a power couple, told us how excited he is about this show before entering the house.

On his excitement about Bigg Boss, Vicky says, ‘My emotions about Bigg Boss keep changing phase by phase. When you agree to the show, there is a very different kind of excitement at that time. Then comes a phase where it seems that why have you taken the flying arrow… the contract is signed and the tension keeps increasing. Then comes the final stage, now things have gone out of hand, now if you want to go inside the show, you have just jumped into the river and there is no option left other than swimming.

There will be tension if family matters come on TV

Ghar ki baat will now be seen on television, so are you tensed about it? In response, Vicky says, ‘To be honest, I have not had any such experience. This will be a first time for me. Nor am I very camera friendly either. In normal life, sometimes paparazzi come and take a look and pictures of the function are taken, that is the extent of my connection with the camera. I have no idea how I will react. However, we are not among those who run away in fear, whatever comes our way we will face it boldly.

How did you decide to participate in the show?

After all, who among the two has convinced whom for the show? In response, Vicky says, ‘I still remember that day when both of us were sitting together. Then an offer came from the channel. Then we thought that there is no trust in life, anything can happen at any time. That’s why they didn’t want to take the load after planning and thinking so much. We like the show, so we just do it. We both agreed simultaneously. I am a little business minded, so I thought let’s increase the probability of two people at home winning the trophy.

Will Ankita become a competitor in the show or is there a strategy to play as a team. Vicky says, ‘I really feel that you need to do justice to the show as well. You must have a passion to win the game. We are not at home, we have come to a national reality show. Justifying that game, we will do whatever feels right at that time. If we are able to do everything smoothly by staying together, then great and if we have to take a stand for ourselves, then there will be no problem in that too.

Many times relationships have been seen improving and deteriorating in the show. In such a situation, how insecure are they? In response to this, Vicky says, I am not at all insecure or stressed. I believe that there is nothing that cannot be handled or solved. When we started our relationship, many things happened which were not in our control. Still we came out of all those things strong. Gonna do just that.

Will husband Vicky Jain remain silent when it comes to Ankita’s past?

If there is any discussion on Ankita’s past. So will the couple be comfortable with that? In response, Vicky says, ‘What I want to say on this is that ever since we have come together in a relationship, we have grown. First we became friends, then we got into a relationship… got married… everything is obvious. Look, my wife is a public figure, so nothing is private. What I am trying to say is that we have never run away from anything. Whatever things have happened, we have faced them. We have always given people that opportunity to judge us however they want. We have never been silent. Whenever a question has been asked, it has been answered. We will continue to respond further. I believe that we were never wrong. We have dealt with the situation like a common man. We are making our life accordingly and do not disturb anyone. We both are very happy with each other, that is why we have decided to come together in this reality show. If there was even a little rift, we would have agreed. Don’t fill..’


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