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Bigg Boss 16 Written Update Day 5: Abdu will get married in Bigg Boss house! ‘Shakira of Haryana’ will not be homeless from home

Bigg Boss 16 Written Update Day 5: It has been just 5 days since Bigg Boss started. But in such a short time a lot has happened in the Bigg Boss house. The amazing thing is that Bigg Boss is also playing the game along with the contestants. In Thursday’s episode, Nimrat Kaur became the captain for the second time. On the other hand, Sajid Khan has promised to get him married to Abdu.

Abdu gifts Tina shoes
Every year many friends are made in the Bigg Boss house, some become enemies from friends. In this season, the friendship of Abdu Rojic and Tina Dutta is in the limelight. Tina Dutta is stunned by Abdu’s cuteness. The two have become so good friends that Abdu gifts Tina with shoes worth 5 thousand dollars. However, for a while Abdu took those shoes and kept them in his bag. This comedy of Abdu made everyone laugh.

Nimrat became captain for the second time
Nimrat Kaur became the captain as soon as she entered the Bigg Boss house. As easily as he got the first captaincy, he had to work as hard for the second time. However, Nimrat was decent enough to compete in the task. That’s why he got the captain’s chair more easily. Shaleen did not insist much to win the captaincy task. Shaleen did not want him to become the captain after defeating Nimrat. In the task, he put his friendship above the captaincy. In this way, Nimrat got a chance to become the captain of the house for the second time.

Shaleen removes Sumbul’s misunderstanding
Sumbul feels that she is the youngest in the house. That’s why the rest of the contestants do not involve them in the issues of the house. Sumbul had also shared her loneliness with Sajid Khan. After Sajid Khan, Sumbul told his heart to Shaleen. Shaleen explained to him that he is more intelligent than him. In this way, Shaleen cleared all the misunderstandings going on in Sumbul’s mind.

Ghori gave tremendous performance
To avoid nomination, Big Boss gave a chance to Gori Nagori. In the task given to Gori, she had to impress the family members with her dance. On winning the task, she can save any of the other nominated members. Apart from this, Ghori also got a chance to protect herself. Gori set the stage on fire with her dance and saved herself by winning the task.

Abdu is the full highlight of today’s show. Abdu has taken the responsibility of bringing a smile on the face of the whole house. Wherever and to whomever they go, the sound of laughter starts coming from there. It would not be wrong to say that the real charm of this season is Abdu Rojic.

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