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Bigg Boss 16: Sumbul Tauqeer Khan’s father has played! 4 minute phone call, crossed all limits… Big Boss is no less

You must have felt one thing, after some things became a brand, only the name remained, the quality was destroyed. A similar case is seen with the famous reality show Big Boss. With the increasing years, the budget of the show and the fees of Salman Khan are increasing, in terms of rest of the content, Bigg Boss has become zero. Every new season that came after season 13 has proved to be boring and colder than the previous one.

What did Sumbul’s father say?

Bigg Boss is there, but the soul of the show seems to be missing. The condition of reality shows is pathetic. The last episode has created history itself. Something happened in the show which never happened before. The family member of the contestant made lewd comments on National TV. You understood right, we are talking about Sumbul’s father. Whoever saw Monday’s episode grabbed his head. Everyone is wondering what has happened to Big Boss? For TRP, the makers have stooped so low that they want to run the show by making fun of a 19-year-old girl.

Touqueer Khan getting trolled badly

When Sumbul’s father came, he had to explain to his daughter, but the mess he has created in the guise of this has raised questions on him. While supporting his daughter, how can Sumbul’s father forget that Tina Dutta is also someone’s daughter. Tauqeer Khan has been humiliating Shaleen Bhanot-Tina Dutta for Sumbul’s mistakes since the beginning. But during the phone conversation with his daughter, Tauqeer crossed all limits. They want Sumbul to kick Tina’s face, want to show her status, have called Shaleen-Tina a scoundrel, even her biggest enemy.

Tauqeer Khan gave about 4 minutes of knowledge on National Television and crossed all limits. At the premiere of the show, Tauqeer Sahab’s manners and methods of raising his daughter, which the world had praised, are under question. Everyone was stunned after listening to the unlimited language of Tauqeer Khan. He is being trolled on social media. In order to justify his daughter, Tauqeer Saheb has destroyed himself and his culture.

selfish motive of bigg boss

Tauqeer Khan got heavy on Bigg Boss in this whole incident. Describing his health as unwell, he talked to his daughter. Then played with Bigg Boss. After the conversation between Sumbul-Tauqueer Khan was over, Bigg Boss scolded the actress and said – this phone call was made in an unusual situation. The things that happened were completely unfair, if it happens in future, we will take strict action.

But the thing to note is that even Bigg Boss is not washed of milk. Monday’s episode was not live. was pre-recorded. If Bigg Boss was so bothered by the words of Sumbul’s father, then why didn’t the scissors work on those objectionable things? Why was the entire conversation on air? The truth is that if Sumbul’s father played his own game, even Bigg Boss was no less. They telecasted the whole conversation. Makers know that they will also be in trouble, but the show will benefit. Baj banega, boring show me jaan aayegi. Overall speaking, neither Sumbul’s father saw the daughter’s interest here nor did Bigg Boss. Both of them made a spectacle of 19 year old Sumbul for the sake of their selfishness.

What did Sumbul’s father say?
Sumbul’s father while talking to his daughter said – son, what is happening. Listen son, stay away from Tina and Shaleen. These two are making a big story and doing nothing son. I sent you the jacket. You are roaming around wearing a decent jacket. I have sent you 5-5 jackets. Do you know how many people are abusing me? That made a spectacle of his daughter and don’t know what. kick tina in the face And say that you are not ashamed, I consider you a friend, I keep you as a friend. Are you talking all these things about me?

These Shaleen and Tina are just taking advantage of you. They speak something in front and show something else behind their back. This message is going all over the world that an 18 year old girl is madly after a 40 year old man. Son, I know you are looking at me politely. You are looking at Shaleen like a father, but no one will understand. You can’t do anything wrong. But what is it, these are very bastard people to win the trophy, they will kill anyone’s character by violating it. Only Tina and Shaleen are your enemies. You are your biggest enemy in the world. Now show Tina and Shaleen their status on National Television. You can do this

What is your take on this perfect conversation of Sumbul’s father?

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