Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Bigg Boss 16: Shaleen-Tina’s parents fight with Sumbul’s father in front of Salman Khan

The Weekend Ka Vaar of the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’ is about to come today, where Salman Khan will conduct a class for the family members. Will tell their mistakes on the dispute that broke out in the house. There was another incident this week, where Sumbul’s phone conversation with his father was made. But here Bigg Boss himself played. When the makers of the show started getting trolled for having a personal conversation with the parents on social media, they created a game. The whole family was told about Sumbul and his father. After which the anger of Shaleen and Tina was seen bursting. Sumbul’s father said on national television that Tina and Shaleen are ‘bastards’. Stay away from them.

Narrated the conversation between Sumbul and his father to the family
What was it then, Shaleen and Tina’s temper went up. Both started disintegrating on Sumbul. Shalin got so angry that he dropped the vase kept on the table in front of him with his foot. Now in the episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, the family is going to sit on this whole issue. Shaleen-Tina’s parents are going to be seen having a one-to-one meeting with Sumbul’s father. A promo is going viral on social media, where Shaleen’s father and Tina’s mother are seen saying to Sumbul’s father that you are not feeling that you have come from ICU. You are looking absolutely fine. Salman is standing in front listening to the whole thing.

What happened the whole matter?
Salman Khan accused Sumbul’s father of lying. He said, “You have tried to talk to your daughter on the pretext of the hospital.” Shaleen’s father said on this, “If you got a chance, you have misused it.” Sumbul’s father said to Tina’s mother, “Tina has said so many words, do you even once feel you should apologize for them.” On this, Tina’s mother questioned Sumbul’s father and said, “Why should I apologise. We did not send the girl child to Kindergarten school, but sent her to Bigg Boss. In this country daughters are considered as Lakshmi. But the same daughter you deliberately You are teaching abuses to your daughter.” Shaleen’s father said that seeing you, it does not seem at all that you are coming from ICU. You cannot justify anything by calling her a child.

Tina’s mother again asked Sumbul’s father that according to which you said wrong words to other’s daughter. Shaleen’s father got angry at Sumbul’s father and said that you can speak about your child, but you don’t have the courage to measure the status of others.

It seems from the promo that don’t know how much ruckus is going to stand in today’s episode of Weekend Ka Vaar. How far this fight will go, only time will tell.

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