Friday, December 9, 2022

Bigg Boss 16: Abdu is fed raw egg, then salt, Sajid shouts after hearing it – task canceled

King Sajid Khan is currently ruling in Bigg Boss house. But just like the captain changes every week, now is the time to change the king of the house. So the new captaincy task was assigned to the family members. If the election of the captain is to be held then it is obvious that there will be a ruckus. But the surprising thing is that, the one whose voice has been heard the loudest this time, is the king of the house himself, Sajid Khan. Sajid looked very angry during the task.

The attack fell on the special people of the king.
…so a separate set has been prepared for this task as well. A large skeletonized skull has been placed. Again the ghostly atmosphere has been created. Bigg Boss announced that today Abdu, Shiv and Nimrat i.e. special people of the king, one by one will be under the control of that skull. At the same time, a contestant will come one by one from the general public of the king, who will be sitting in that skull and under his control that special member of the king will remain. The operator of this work is Sajid Khan, and he is given the special right that he can cancel any given work.

Bigg Boss had to be announced so much that just planning starts in the house. First comes the turn of Raja’s special Nimrat, who is controlled by Priyanka sitting in the skull. Priyanka asks Nimrat to do push ups, while she asks not to stop. This task is also fiercely drawn. She does politely but half-incompletely. After this, Archana gives a task to Shiva that he has to eat the whole bowl of salt. After this comes the number of Abdu, to whom Ankit gives the task.

Sajid’s anger flared up

First Abdu has to drink two raw egg slurry, then Ankit asks him to drink two liters of water in five minutes. Abdu drinks eggs, but ignores water. The funny thing during this whole task is that Sajid cancels everyone’s work after listening to it. The housemates get enraged when Sajid cancels every task given to special members of the king. Everyone accuses Sajid of being biased. Sajid also gets angry seeing this.

Sajid appears in a very aggressive mode during this time. They start shouting. On the task given by Archana, Sajid says, Shiv will not eat salt, tomorrow she will say put chilli in the eye. Abdu is also refused to drink water. How to drink two liters of water in 5 minutes. When the family members interrupt, Sajid shouts loudly and says – I am the operator, I can also shout. Exactly right. The operator is a cheater.

Sajid Khan’s calm nature was visible since so many days. Every time he used to say his words through diplomacy. He was also accused of being fake many times and getting more prices. But this time his anger erupted, obviously he will wrap someone or the other with him.

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