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Big Boss Marathi: Rakhi Sawant’s ruckus in Bigg Boss Marathi, made contestants take a dip in cold water

Rakhi Sawant leaves her mark wherever she goes. Such is the condition of Bigg Boss as well. Big Boss Koi Sa Bhi Ho, Rakhi Sawant’s appearance has become fixed in every season. This time not Hindi, your own drama queen is spreading her wings in Marathi Bigg Boss. She is getting the contestants to work, and being the voice of Bigg Boss, is even punishing the family members.

Rakhi’s entry in Bigg Boss Marathi

Rakhi Sawant has entered the house a few days ago as a wild card contestant. At the same time, Marathi actress Snehlata Vasaikar, who has spread the magic of her acting in Hindi films, has also entered the house a month ago through a wild card. As soon as they come, there is a tussle between the two. Rakhi Sawant’s team shared a video on her account, where she is seen lovingly taking a dip in the cool water of the pool.

According to the video, Snehlata often forgets to wear the mike, due to which Bigg Boss interrupted her several times. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Rakhi punished Snehlata. It can be seen in the video that Snehalata is cleaning utensils without wearing a mike. Then Bigg Boss asks him to wear the mike. Hearing the announcement, Snehlata immediately runs to wear the mike. Only then Rakhi comes and tells him, it will not work every time. You will be punished for this, only then will you remember it.

Punished the actress

Rakhi asks Snehlata to jump in the pool 4 to 5 times. While giving the sentence, Rakhi said – I will teach you a lesson. Do four-five jumps in the pool, come back out, jump again. This is how to dive. Although Snehlata says that I have clarified why this happened. On this, Rakhi tells them that Bigg Boss will keep saying it again and again, it has happened every time.

After this, Snehlata has to accept this punishment. Snehlata takes a dip in the cool water of the pool, where Rakhi asks her to do it properly. Now that Rakhi is inside the house, there is bound to be a big bang. Seeing this form of Rakhi, the users are also calling her the queen of Bigg Boss. At the same time, some users are demanding her to appear in season 16 of Bigg Boss Hindi. Users are saying that Marathi people be ready, our queen has come to worship. At the same time, another user wrote – Come in Bigg Boss 16 too, very bored.

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