Friday, September 22, 2023

Biden believes that the invasion is still “clearly possible”, and defends the diplomatic solution

Joe Biden believes that an invasion of Ukraine by Russia remains “clearly possible”, as he stressed in a speech to the nation on Tuesday night.

The president of the United States affirmed that Moscow continues to threaten the country that it wants to recover for its “area of ​​influence”. Russia already accumulates, according to him, 150,000 well-armed soldiers on the borders with Ukraine.

Biden believes that the invasion is still "clearly possible", and defends the diplomatic solution

In response to the gestures and statements of Vladimir Putin and his, the US leader said that the Russian people “are not our enemy” and that the way to resolve the crisis is diplomacy. high level.

Just as World War II was of necessity, this would be a “causeless” war caused by Russia.

Joe Biden, United States’s president

But he clarified that the alleged withdrawal of Russian troops from the borders of Ukraine “is not verified.” And he stressed that the US will not negotiate with Moscow on its sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine or on NATO positions in the East, but on military transparency, arms control and strategic stability.

He also stated that, just as the Second World War was “of necessity”, this would be a war “without a cause” with which Russia would inflict enormous damage on Ukraine but also on the Russians themselves, as well as on Europe because of a sure rise in important in energy prices.

Biden speaks with Macron and both agree on the willingness to impose “severe consequences” on Putin

The American leader delivered his speech after speaking with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, in a telephone conversation about the crisis. In it, both presidents agreed on the defense of the diplomatic channel but also on the willingness to “impose serious consequences” on Russia for its “military development” against Ukraine and to “strengthen the defense on the eastern flank of NATO”.

Biden addressed Putin with a tone of severity that contrasted with the one he used when addressing the Russian population, not only to underline that they are not enemies but also to remember when the soldiers of both countries fought together in the Second World War .

Biden addressed Putin with a tone of severity that contrasted with the one he used when addressing the Russian population: “We are not your enemies”

Biden clearly rejected the demands of the Russian leader with a view to a possible negotiation to overcome the conflict. Moscow, the US president reiterated, cannot claim that the Atlantic Alliance renounces integrating Ukraine into its ranks, nor that Kiev continue to aspire to it. Nor can it aspire to an end to NATO’s presence in Eastern Europe.

More of the same, in terms of messages from Washington, although in a slightly different situation from that of days past.


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