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Bicimad begins its new stage with problems: registration failures, improper charges and more on its first day

If you have tried to register in the new Bicimad, or pick up a bicycle at any of its stations, you will probably have been bitterly surprised that the system is down. This is reported by thousands of users on social networks. The electric bicycle service in Madrid is having problems at the beginning of its new stageand some of the most common we have already been able to verify.

So far, the complaints are pretty mixed, and you only need to search for ‘Bicimad’ on Twitter to find out. Some even report charges after the use of the bicycles. Although this is its normal operation, the new stage of the service has begun with a free modality, whose window extends until the last day of July. For this reason, the app should not debit your card at all, as long as you have used the bike for 30 minutes or less.

Besides, Problems are also reported when registering or migrating to the new Bicimad payment system, MPass. From websites that lead nowhere, to an app that stops without warning. Since this step is essential to use Bicimad from today, many have been left unable to unpin their bikes from their stations.

New Bicimad
The new stations and bicycles of the Bicimad service

Even if you have managed to migrate your account or register on the platform, this does not ensure that you can take advantage of the service. “Have you managed to use a blue bike without incident?” asks the Twitter account @enbicipormadrid. The reason is that, despite the fact that the new stage began at 00:00 on March 7, many have been unable to unpin bikes from racks. The most affected have been those who use Bicimad as the main method to reach their work areas within the city.

The EMT is already aware of the many problems in the new stage of Bicimad

New BicimadNew Bicimad

Of course, the EMT has already begun to listen to concerned Bicimad users. In a telephone number enabled for user attention they already warned that “the registration does not work”, although without revealing when the service would be back. However, from Twitter they warn that throughout this same day you should be able to register or migrate your account.

However, it is not the first time that Bicimad has faced problems. In the official presentation of the new stage of the service, the media witnessed long delays. The reason, apparently, was found in computer problems that the company was facing at the time. However, days later, it seems that he has not managed to improve much.

Following user complaints in recent months, Yesterday, the official account of Bicimad left a statement on its social networks regarding the problems. As they comment, these inconveniences originated from the integration of systems that they were carrying out. Thus, they ensured that “when the service starts”, everyone could sign up, migrate their accounts and use it without impediments. Unfortunately, the reality seems to have been different.

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