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Bholaa Teaser: Ajay Devgan’s shocking look and stormy action is bang, teaser guaranteeing vigorous entertainment in theaters

The teaser of ‘Mass Maharaja’ Ajay Devgan’s next film ‘Bhola’ is out. Ajay’s film ‘Drishyam 2’ is earning tremendously in theaters and is garnering a lot of appreciation from the audience. Ajay, who is in discussion among cinema fans, his atmosphere is going to be different from the way he is coming in ‘Bhola’.

The teaser of ‘Bhola’ has everything that will increase the excitement of the audience to watch the film. Ajay Devgan’s solid new look and strong action in the story is going to be liked by the fans. On top of this, the cool background music with this powerful character will make Ajay’s character more powerful in the theatres. Along with Ajay, there are strong actors like Tabu, Sanjay Mishra and Deepak Dobriyal in ‘Bhola’.

‘Bhola’ teaser (Credits: YouTube)

Story of teaser and character of Ajay

Not much is known about Ajay’s character in the teaser of ‘Bhola’. The teaser begins with a girl who is in an orphanage. The warden of the ashram is telling him that someone is going to meet him tomorrow. After this, narration in the story starts creating the atmosphere of Ajay’s character that ‘Who is he?’ In the frame, a man sitting in jail is seen reading Gita and then the narration tells that the time has come for him to come out of jail. You hear from behind, ‘Who is it, where has it come from, no one knows. And the one who knew did not survive.

‘Bhola’ teaser (Credits: YouTube)

Ajay’s face has not been revealed in the teaser. But seeing the gait of the man coming out of jail, any Bollywood fan will recognize that he is Ajay. You can hear in a man’s voice – ‘When he applies ashes on the forehead, don’t know how many he turns to ashes.’ When another man asks what his name is, the answer is, ‘If you tell me your name, you will fall on your feet’.
Watch the teaser of ‘Bhola’ here:

Ajay’s 31 years celebration with ‘Bhola’
Ajay Devgan’s debut film ‘Phool Aur Kaante’ was released on 22 November 1991. From his very first film, when Ajay entered the screen simultaneously kicking two bikes, it was the beginning of the era of action heroes in Bollywood. When Ajay’s fans are celebrating his 31 years in Bollywood, the teaser of ‘Bhola’ is a gift for them. In ‘Bhola’, Ajay is once again going to do fast-paced action, a glimpse of which is also found in the teaser and he is seen hanging from a car with the help of a trishul.

‘Bhola’ teaser (Credits: YouTube)

‘Bhola’ is a remake of Karthi’s Tamil film
‘Bhola’ is a remake of the Tamil hit film ‘Kaithi’. The character that Ajay is now playing was played by Karthi in the original film. Director Lokesh Kanagaraj’s film ‘Kaithi’ holds a cult status among cinema fans. ‘Loki Universe’ started with this film, whose second film ‘Vikram’ created a lot of panic this year.

In ‘Bhola’, this story has been changed a bit according to the choice of Hindi audience and it is made with a bigger budget and setting than ‘Kaithi’. Ajay Devgan is also going to do tremendous action in ‘Bhola’ and the makers have made the film in 3D to make the action scenes look amazing on the screen. Ajay Devgan himself is also the director of ‘Bhola’ and hence technically the film can be expected to be better.

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