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Bholaa Teaser: ‘A hundred devils will collide with a rock…’, Ajay’s film Bhola is full of action

The teaser of Ajay Devgan’s much-awaited film Bhola has been released. Along with the release of this teaser, the expectation of the people has also been high. Ajay Devgan is going to give a visual treat to his fans from this film. Seeing the first glimpse, everyone is telling it very promising. There are stars like Tabu, Sanjay Mishra, Deepak Dobriyal, Gajraj Rao along with Ajay in the film. Bhola will release on March 30. Recently, Ajay shared the magical moments related to the film in an interview.

The second teaser of Bhola is catching people’s attention in a tremendous way. Ajay Devgan’s dialogue spoken in the teaser, when a rock will hit a hundred devils… is giving goosebumps to the fans. Ajay Devgan and Tabu starrer film Bhola is full of action, drama. In this film, Ajay will be seen in the role of a prisoner, while Tabu is playing the role of a police officer. The teaser of the film starts with Ajay Devgan, after which the actors are seen in full action. Later there is Tabu’s entry, where some people will be seen dragging her by her hair. The story of the film is based on the crime world and drug mafia.

Bhola’s magical moment
We are all aware of Ajay’s devotion to Shiva. Was there ever a magical moment during the shooting of Bhola? In response to this, Ajay says, I remember many parts of our film were shot on the location of Banaras. There is a scene where we had to shoot on a boat used for Maha Aarti. If seen, it was practically impossible. We had set up multiple cameras, we had to shoot it in five minutes and the aarti ends in 15 minutes. I had to present that scene real and live. Since morning I was busy preparing for that shooting, and I was scared that I would not be able to know or not. But when we reached for the shoot, believe me we shot in five minutes. It was a magical moment.

Who is the ideal director

In the film Bhola, Ajay will not only win the hearts of people by acting, but he has also taken over the direction of the film. In response to whose work Ajay follows as a director, Ajay says, my ideal will not be any one. I have done so much work and worked with all kinds of directors. I have worked with both commercial and non-commercial directors. Have learned a lot from directors like Govind ji ho gaye, Bhatt sahab ho gaye, Ram Gopal Varma, Rituparno Ghosh, Mani Ratnam. Along with commercial, the flavor of arts is also visible in my films. I want to show art films on a bigger scale. Apart from this, I have also learned what not to do on screen.

What did Ajay Devgan say on RRR’s Oscar nomination?
Today the final nomination of RRR’s Oscar will be known. Ajay has been a small but important part of this film. Reacting to the film’s recognition at the global level, Ajay says, we feel very good when our films run and the industry also benefits from it. In exactly the same way, Rajamouli is representing the film at the international level. The way his pictures with James Cameron are appearing on the newspapers and he is validating our films. Our country is benefiting from this. Our films are being recognized at the international level. This is a big thing, we are proud of it. I just cross my fingers that the film makes its mark even at the Oscars level and wins awards in maximum categories.

Watch the teaser here…

Ajay Devgan’s film Bhola is the Hindi remake of South’s blockbuster film Kaithi. Actor Karthi Sivakumar has played the main character in South’s film Kaithi. People liked the film a lot.


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