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Bhediya Film Review: Varun Dhawan won hearts by becoming ‘Bhediya’, VFX-acting all strong

Creature comedy is a new genre for Bollywood. Through his films, director Amar Kaushik has always tried to introduce his audience to a film of a different mood. Varun Dhawan’s Bhediya is also a part of this effort. Read the review to know how perfectly the tadka of Amar’s comedy has been applied in this creature film.

Bhaskar (Varun Dhawan) of Metro City Delhi has been entrusted with the project of building a road at Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh. In the greed of earning more profit, Bhaskar is making a plan to find a way through the jungles. However, Bhaskar is not aware that what is just a project for him, is the life of the people there. Bhaskar reaches Zero in Arunachal in connection with the project and meets Panda (Deepak Dobriyal), who acts as a communicator between the local people and Bhaskar. Meanwhile, Panda informs them about a rumored ‘virus’. From which Bhaskar learns that a ‘virus’ lives in the forest, he hunts those people who try to harm the forest. Bhaskar, passing through the forest in connection with work, comes under the grip of a wolf and the wolf bites him while trying to escape.

However, after this Bhaskar’s life changes as he realizes that he has the power of wolves. Janardhan (Abhishek Banerjee), Jimin (Palin Kabak) and Vet Doctor (Kriti Sanon) help Bhaskar, who has become a willful wolf, to get rid of this trouble. Will Bhaskar be able to become a common man from a wolf? Does he succeed in making the project? What is the story of the virus? The answer to all these questions will be found in the theatre.

Creature film with jungle animals has been a tough genre in itself and in today’s era it is becoming difficult to make people laugh with comedy films. In such a situation, Amar Kaushik has brought a creature comedy by blending both. Although before this he has proved himself in the genre of horror comedy from the film Stree. Amar Kaushik’s specialty has been that he believes in making people laugh with his story. Something similar happens with the film Bhediya. While watching the film, you laugh out loud and are also scared in some scenes. Today’s social media memes have also been used very smartly in the film, which increases the relatability of the audience. The editing of the first part is tight and keeps you hooked till the interval. At the same time, after the second half, the pace of the film slows down a bit and by the time it reaches the climax, the film seems to be flat and suddenly the story ends on a laughing note due to a surprise entry.

The ending of the film has been kept open, so that its sequel can be considered on the response of the people. The story side of the overall film is a bit loose but the comedy lines, excellent visuals and strong acting cover up this weakness of the film beautifully. Some scenes have been very impactful, which apart from giving a social message, also make you think. For example, when the leader of the tribe bows his head while standing in front of the wolves, that scene wins your heart. Apart from this, the film jokes spoken by Varun and Abhishek light up the mood of the film. Along with entertainment, the film also gives you a strong message, which cannot be ignored.

The technical team had a huge responsibility regarding this film to be shown in 3D. The whole team has done a better job than expected. A lot of hard work has been done on the visual effects. The dark world of wolf and jungle is successfully created by VFX and excellent cinematography and into whose world you enter. The magic of cinematographer Jishnu Bhattacharyaji’s camera is that you get lost in Arunachal’s Ziro city from the very first frame of the film. Locations of beautiful mountains, night shoots, shots of moon, jungle etc. have been captured well on the camera. Every shot looks captivating on the screen. Visual effects also dissolve like syrup in this film. You are completely convinced seeing Varun turning into a wolf. The howling of the wolf especially on the night of Poonam, the symbolic form of the wolf in the fire, evokes a thrill in you. The background score has also played a big role in building up the tension and excitement throughout the film. In overall technical terms, the work of the film has been better than expected.

Seeing Varun Dhawan’s performance in this film, it seems that he should explore more serious and intense roles in the future. Varun has surprised as Bhaskar. His hard work is clearly visible in the film, be it body building or intense acting, Varun does not disappoint you anywhere. Due to less screen space, Kriti Sanon’s work does not come out that much. Although his look as a vet doctor has been refreshing. The work of Palin Kabak and Deepak Dobriyal as friends is excellent, but Abhishek Banerjee as brother wins here. Barring one or two places, Abhishek’s one-liners, comedy-filled innocent face wins your heart throughout the film.

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For the fans of Varun Dhawan, this film is nothing less than a treat. He will not be disappointed to see his favorite actor in the form of a wolf. Overall, this film gives an entertainment as well as a deep message, which is important to understand. Watching this movie in 3D will be a different fun, so you can enjoy it with your family this weekend.

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