BeReal, the social network whose objective is to show the “reality” and “naturalness” of people by giving them only two minutes to take a photo and publish it, is not so real when it comes to explaining problems or inconveniences that affect their users. Proof of this are the different events that have taken place in recent weeks, of which we hardly know any details due to a no communication from its creators or the rest of the platform team.

As detailed TechCrunchthe social network suffered a fall on September 21 that lasted several hours, and of which BeReal only detailed the following in a tweet. “Yes, we are on it”, they shared after verifying that the hashtag #BeRealDown began to position itself in the trending section of Twitter in some regions, and that many users complained that they could not access the app.


About two hours later, the company considered the fall solved with a response to its original tweet. “Everything is alright now”stood out while ignoring questions from their users regarding the bug.

Be Real, however, He did not provide further details on the matter., despite the questions of its users and, in addition, despite the fact that other companies that do not even promise to be as transparent as the aforementioned social network, share constant updates about what happened. Also, for example, about what is causing the malfunction of the respective service or platform. Although it is something to be expected from companies like Meta, in a firm that places so much emphasis on being real and honest, we reiterate, it is extremely strange.

“When asked for comment, BeReal declined to answer a number of questions related to its outage, including things like what caused it, how widespread it was, and whether the company had any idea when it would be resolved.”


If BeReal is not able to clear up a minor service outage, what will happen when something more serious happens?

BeReal, in fact, is a very uncommunicative company. Its creators have not offered any interviews to the different media. BeReal has also not detailed its future plans in terms of functions or other relevant matters. Among them, what is its business model, because the app, despite the fact that it has collected millions of dollars from large investment firms.

Concerns, above all, the possible inconveniences that could happen in the future, and the possible lack of transparency on the part of BeReal in communicating and addressing these issues. As detailed in the aforementioned media, it is not clear what would happen if the app, for example, suffers a hack that causes a leak of the personal data of the users who use the platform.

Meanwhile, the app continues to grow by leaps and bounds after it went viral on other platforms, such as TikTok, Twitter or Instagram. BeReal, according to data from Sensor Tower, already accumulates more than 40 million downloads. The mechanics, in addition, is being imitated by the main social networks.