Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Bera Bera lifts the Queen’s Cup at the Martín Carpena

Victory for Super Amara Bera Bera against KH-7 Granollers (31:25; 16:11 at halftime) in the final of the XLIV SM La Reina Cup, played this Sunday at the Martín Carpena Sports Palace in Malaga.

The moment arrived, the moment of truth arrived. The Martín Carpena hosted the grand final of the Copa de la Reina, with San Sebastian and Vallesanas only 60 minutes away from winning the coveted cupbearer title.

It was the first time that KH-7 Granollers had reached a Cup final, but the lack of experience in settings and matches like this was not going to be a burden for the team led by Robert Cuesta. In fact, they began dominating thanks to the leading role of Ona Vegué and Nicole Wiggins, once again hogging the spotlight at the start (2:4, minute 8).

The Vallesan defense managed to stop the attempts of Paula Arcos and Anne Erauskin and it was the changes that reactivated Imanol’s team. Marie Louis, Giuliana Gavilán and Esther Arrojeria changed the course of the match, finding the spaces and finding the goal through Mariane Fernandes and Cristina Polonio.

Bera Bera increased the intensity, began to run and began to win the game in transitions based on legs and a frenetic pace that Granollers could not stop, going from 4:5 to 10:6 with which minute 20 was exceeded of party. Alice Fernandes also improved her performance under the sticks, while Paula Milagros and Martina Capdevila responded to the goals from the San Sebastian wingers, Laura Hernández and Maitane Etxeberria, very inspired in the final stretch of the first half. A goal from Mariane Fernandes with three seconds to go before the break put the score at 16:11 with which both teams headed for the changing room tunnel.

This comfortable lead of five goals was quickly increased at the restart thanks to Elke Karsten (18:11), forcing Robert Cuesta to stop the clock and restart his goals. This seven-goal difference seemed to have practically decided the outcome of the match, but Granollers got back into the game after Mariane Fernandes was excluded. Martina Capdevila put on 24:21 to show that there was still a game to go and, when it seemed that the women from Valles were going to have their options, the women from San Sebastian took it upon themselves to snatch them away by pulling their legs and the individual quality of their players.

Marie Louis did not fail from the end and Paula Arcos shone again on the 40×20. Granollers began to falter and, with no fuel to face the last 10 minutes of the game, they had to resign themselves to watching a unique opportunity slip away.

The wardrobe of the women from San Sebastián was decisive to finish leaving on the scoreboard, increase the difference and be able to enjoy the last five minutes of the match with confidence and tranquility (28:22). It was Mariane Fernandes who would close the scoring with three consecutive goals, putting the final 31:25 at the Martín Carpena. Alice Fernandes, who has signed a sensational tournament, was awarded the MVP of the match.

The Super Amara Bera Bera thus returned to win a Queen’s Cup four years later and there are now seven in their list of winners, becoming the second most successful team in the competition. For its part, KH-Granollers closes the XLIV Copa de SM La Reina with the satisfaction of having written a new page in the club’s history, reaching a cup final for the first time.


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