Friday, December 8, 2023

Ben O’Keeffe has spoken and hopes to exchange with the XV of France! The video

A rare speech. The referee of the quarter-final between France and South Africa returned in an interview for Newshub, a television station in his country, New Zealand, on the controversies linked to his refereeing which may have cost elimination to the Blues according to certain post-match comments. When he was appointed as central referee for the semi-final between England and South Africa on Saturday October 21, Ben O’Keeffe probably wanted to put an end to all the comments around him.

If he admits that the referees are not “perfect” and that mistakes can be made, he hopes to be able to communicate with the Blues quickly. “It’s obviously a very emotional time (for the French), said O’Keeffe, when asked if he has made a return with the XV of France. I just try to respect that and let them time. Players and coaches are going to say things whether you win or lose. I know we are never perfect as referees, you definitely make mistakes in the game. Players have the right to comment on that after the match. I’m sure everything is fine. We did my debriefing (with his assistants and the World Rugby refereeing management) and we will try to talk about it again (with the French) and get things back on track. rails. But I understand their feeling after a great match like that.


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