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Before the release of ‘Pathan’, Shahrukh Khan surprised the fans, why did he apologize?

The wait of Shahrukh Khan’s fans is about to end. ‘Pathan’ is releasing in theaters on January 25. Before the release of ‘Pathan’, King Khan has given a new surprise to the fans. Bollywood Badshah kept #AskSRK on Saturday. On Sunday, he met the fans gathered outside the house.

Surprise for King Khan’s fans
The fans of Bollywood Badshah are eagerly waiting for the release of ‘Pathan’. Seeing King Khan on the big screen after 2 days is going to be exciting for the fans. But before that, Shah Rukh Khan has made Sunday very interesting for the fans. Shahrukh Khan has shared a video on Instagram. In the video, Shah Rukh Khan is seen standing on the terrace of Mannat giving love to the fans.

Seeing the crowd gathered outside Mannat in the video, it is being known how desperate the fans were to get a glimpse of King Khan. There are very few such occasions when Shahrukh is seen meeting fans like this. But see, this time he came to meet his loved ones without saying anything.

Shahrukh Khan has also written a cute caption while sharing the video. King Khan writes, ‘Thank you for a lovely Sunday evening. Apologies but I hope the red car occupants had their seat belts on. Book your tickets for Pathan and I will see you there.’ The excitement of the fans has become high after getting a glimpse of Shahrukh Khan.

There will be excellent collection on opening day
According to the reports, advance booking of ‘Pathan’ is happening very fast. This is the reason that the film can collect more than 30-35 crores on its opening day. That too when the makers of ‘Pathan’ have decided not to promote it. During #AskSRK, a fan asked him if he would come for promotion on The Kapil Sharma Show, to which the superstar replied that he would meet directly in the theatre.

Shahrukh Khan fans have booked tickets for 25th, huh? Don’t say later didn’t alert.


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