Sunday, May 28, 2023

BEES creates a credit card for its clients

The technology company BEES announced his credit card business visa call BEES Pay, whose objective is to facilitate the purchase order process that retail businesses usually carry out in their application, through digital payment methods that promote the use of smart credits, and foster a digital financing ecosystem at the forefront of the market.

For the creation of this new solution of digital credit, BEES has partnered with five large companies in the country that have been key to the development of the project and its successful incursion into the Dominican market: Banco Vimenca, as the leading entity for the inclusion of MSMEs in the local financial system; VISA, with its global digital payments network, VisaNet as the facilitator of the network through which transactions are securely processed, and Unit as the insurer of digital payments.

The BEES Pay credit card represents an added value for the platform’s customers and a change towards independent commerce to cash payments, since in addition to being able to use it to buy products at BEES, they will be able to pay for basic services of their businesses such as electricity. , water, telecommunications, fuel, and town hall, contributing to improve the general performance and growth of these businesses.


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