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Beauty filters for Google Meet video calls

Image is important in practically all facets of our lives, especially in the workplace. Give a good impression It is sometimes as or more crucial than the message you convey or how well you speak. Whether face to face or through a video call like those given in Google Meet in millions of offices and homes around the world. For this reason, Google has decided to incorporate beauty filters into its video conferencing application. A way of be more groomed if you are going to talk to your bank manager, your boss or your future in-laws.

The beauty filters They are something that many will know from the mobile applications that became popular years ago and that almost by magic they made you look youngerthey removed the stains from your face, they changed your eye color and hair and even adorned your appearance with brilli brilli. The intensive use of video calls has made this type of visual effects become fashionable again. In real time and while you speak with friends, family, co-workers or clients.

So, in addition to being well groomed to look good on the Google Meet screen, from now on you can give an extra touch of beauty to your appearance. Of course, temporarily, with filters that subtly retouch imperfections or details that you want to change. The advertisement talks about portrait touch-up, which we could translate as portrait retouching. And the idea is to make it available as soon as possible. In the coming days It should be incorporated into Google Meet in its versions for iPhone and Android. At the latest, the end of October. And by the last days of 2023, you should already be able apply these beauty filters in the web version of this video calling app.

Better look thanks to Google Meet

We have all had a bad night. And no matter how well you groom yourself, if someone talks to you they will notice that something is wrong. Your appearance suffers. The same thing happens in a video call, no matter how many kilometers there are between the two. So better safe than sorry and, why not, take advantage of the many helps that Google Meet offers to make video conferences better than expected. Regardless of the topic being discussed and the disposition of the speakers.

Hence on Google they advertise a new feature for Google Meet in its mobile version. In his own words, “to slightly tweak your appearance from the green room before joining or during the meeting.” They give the reason for being bad about coming back from the gym, suffering from a cold or having jet lag. The goal is the same: to look more beautiful in front of the screen.

To start, these beauty filters will have two modes to choose: Subtle (subtle) and Smoothing (soft or soften). The first is defined as “very slight softening of the complexion, lightening under the eyes and whitening of the eyes.” And the second is something more risky: “a little more smoothing of the complexion, lightening under the eyes and whitening of the eyes.”

A feature that users requested

Google says in its official announcement that users have been asking for this new beauty filters feature. And it is not surprising if we take into account the success of this type of filters in third-party applications and third-party apps virtual makeup and retouching that were so successful, and continue to be, in the application stores. Any help is welcome when it comes to looking presentable on a video call. Especially if you have to make a good impression and you want to give your best. A function that joins the background changes, which are also highly demanded.

¿When they will be available these beauty filters on Google Meet? As I mentioned before, it will be gradually incorporated into the mobile version of Google Meet starting October 18, within a maximum period of 15 days. That is, by November everyone should be able to activate this function. And the web version of Google Meet will incorporate these makeup effects starting October 28 and will be available to anyone before the end of the year. However, there is always small print.

According to the official announcement, Google Meet beauty filters will be available to Google Workspace users in its versions Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, Teaching & Learning Upgrade, Google One and Google Workspace Individual. And it clearly says that “it is not available to users with personal Google accounts”. One more incentive to check out and get one of the Google Workspace payment plans.

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