Friday, December 8, 2023

Be careful what you post on Twitter, the platform could ban you if you upload one of these things

Twitter announced that its labels are now available of content moderation, a new measure restricting viewing of the posts that violated the terms of your service, while inform both creators and users that its scope has been limited.

The social network commented a few days ago that was focused on “increasing transparency” around their moderation actions as part of your new strategyFreedom of expressionnot of scope’ proposed by its CEO, Elon Musk, since he bought the company a few months ago and began the so-called Twitter 2.0 version.

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The explosion of SpaceX's Starship rocket, the collapse of Twitter and the plunge in Tesla shares made Elon Musk poorer.

To give example with that topic, the company explained what already began taking “tweet-level action” already limit the visibility of specific postsincluding those that reproduce other tweets to the post screenshots, tweet with quotes either share links to other content who violate their rules.

Twitter started adding tags for stand out publicly Tweets classified as “possibly infringing”identification with which it seeks to inform users that it has limited your visibility on the platform.

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Limited Visibility: This tweet may have violated Twitter’s rules for hateful conduct”, can be read in this statement, which appears both for the creators from those same tweets as for the spectators and rest of users from the social network.

Twitter will label false content with limited visibility on its platform

Twitter will insert a direct link in those tweets to know the reason why your scope is limitedcommented that the creators of these posts will be able post comments about the labels yes consider that visibility has been “incorrectly” limited of the tweet, as shown in the platform’s Help Center.

With that, explained that by limiting visibility from a tweet, it will not show it in the trends sectionrecommended notifications, tabs like ‘For you’ and ‘Following‘. Besides, these posts will also not be able to receive ‘likes’replies or retweets, among others usual actions from the platform.

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Can you delete the tweet as a preventive measure?

Twitter emphasized that when you determine that a post violates your standards and that “whatever serious enough as for justify the removal of the tweet”, ask the offender to remove it so you can republish content.

In the same way he commented that if a tweet contains misleading information or questionable with base on your policy of use, you can add a label to the content to provide context and additional information to users.

The platform will make exceptions with publications that can be considered in the public interest even if you break the rules of the community. Then, will place the tweet limiting its visibilitywith a superimposed notice that indicates it.


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