Thursday, June 8, 2023

BC puts into circulation the work “Rafael Tomás Hernández. The city of man

The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BCRD), put the work into circulation ‘Rafael Tomas Hernandez. the city of man‘, by the architect Gustavo Luis Moré, in an act headed by the governor, Héctor Valdez Albizu, in the Reading Room of his Juan Pablo Duarte Library, as part of the celebration of International Book Day.

The words of welcome were addressed by Governor Valdez Albizu, who highlighted that the work, unpublished until now, notably enriches the BCRD collection, ‘by incorporating a contemporary vision of national art, in the field of architecture, which, As an imperishable legacy, it was born from a great creator, consecrated to his vocation and dedicated to his work, without anything deviating from his trajectory. I refer to the architect engineer Rafael Tomás Hernández’.

Valdez Albizu also pondered that this work ‘besides being an invaluable collective heritage, presents a kind of retrospective of great significance for researchers and scholars, of the course that the country has followed in the last six decades, not only in terms of economic development and social advances, but also in a more lasting aspect, such as culture’.

He added that ‘after a long time has passed, the works of Rafael Tomás Hernández will continue to be eloquent testimonies of an era, a conception of life, a way of capturing existence and capturing it in reinforced concrete and other materials that will serve as the basis for evaluating its significance’.

In the act, the presentation of the work was in charge of the assistant manager of the Cultural Department of the BCRD, the writer José Alcántara Almánzar, while the words of thanks fell on the editor of the work Gustavo Luis Moré (Cuquito).

With this new book, the BCRD bibliographic collection already includes 239 titles in 245 publications on art and literature, economics and social sciences, numismatics and philately, education, among other branches.

In the act, Governor Valdez Albizu was accompanied by the manager of the Central Bank, Ervin Novas; the comptroller José Manuel Taveras; the assistant general manager Frank Montaño; among other deputy managers, advisors, directors and officials of the entity.

In addition, the relatives of Mr. Rafael Tomás Hernández, architects, plastic artists, critics, urban planners, among other personalities of art and culture, gathered.


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