Friday, September 22, 2023

Based on bills! Salernitana will offer renewal to Ochoa with a millionaire contract

Guillermo Ochoa has excelled in his first season with the salernitana and his performances under the three posts have been worth important points for his team to find themselves out of the relegation zone.

The Mexican goalkeeper has even been praised by the Italian press, a situation that reflects how well his return to European soccer and specifically the A series.

Therefore, in the hippocampus team they are aware of the value that Paco Memo and according to the Italian media Salernitana Newsthe club is willing to offer him one more year on his contract.

In addition, the club would also offer him a considerable salary increase, since he would earn from 490,000 dollars per season to more than a million dollars, this in order to retain him before the interest of other clubs.

It is important to mention that in the contract of Guillermo Ochoa there is an automatic renewal clause that depended on his performance, so it is practically a given that he will continue in the team.

However, one of the conditions that the Mexican would have set is that if a relevant team offers for him, the club will let him leave without major complications, so his price to leave the team is 5 million dollars.


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