Monday, September 25, 2023

Bard can now use your Gmail and Google Drive data to give you better answers

Google wants you bard becomes your personal assistant and that is why it has launched a new integration with the rest of its services. This means that the artificial intelligence chatbot will now can use your data stored in Gmail, Drive, Docs and other applications to give you better answers.

Those from Mountain View have updated Bard with extensions that allow it to have access to everything you save in the Google services that you use daily. So, for example, you can tell the AI ​​to search your email for the dates of a trip you are organizing with friends, family, or coworkers.

But that is not all. By integrating with practically all the company’s platforms, within the same conversation you can ask it to show flight dates or hotels close to the place you plan to visit. It achieves this by comparing the information with Google Flights or Google Hotels.

Bard may also call up information from Google Maps to show places of interest or directions, or include videos with attractions, reviews, or other content related to where you’re traveling.

Google’s idea is for Bard to become a kind of hub that allows you to access all your personal information stored in its services, without having to enter each of them individually. The Californians explained that the chatbot is now also capable of finding files stored in Google Drive, or even specific fragments of a document. Later, you can summarize this information and reuse it according to what the user requests.

Bard now has access to your personal information on Google: Is it a privacy risk?

Beyond the benefits that the automation of certain tasks and easy access from a single place to all the data stored in different Google services can bring, the new capabilities of Bard They generate a logical fear due to their possible impact on our privacy.. However, those from Mountain View say there is nothing to fear.

The integration of Bard with services such as Gmail or Google Drive will not be activated by default. Users will have to choose whether they want these AI chatbot extensions to access their personal information. If they decide to do so, they can deactivate them at any time.

Furthermore, Google claims that any information Bard scans and extracts from those services will not be seen by human reviewers. Nor will it be used to train PaLM 2, the artificial intelligence model that powers the chatbot, or to show you personalized ads.

Beyond deep integration with Workspace, Bard aims expand your ability to display information extracted from the web in real time. This is why the Maps, YouTube and Google Flights extensions will be enabled by default.

It is worth clarifying, however, that the new capabilities of the AI ​​chatbot developed in Mountain View remain experimental. Additionally, the option to extract data stored in Gmail or Google Drive It is only available in the English version of Bard. For now, the company has not specified if it plans to expand it to other languages, or when it could do so.

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