Thursday, November 30, 2023

Barcelona’s loss to Viocano

Real Madrid lost their match a day ago. The next day, Barcelona also tasted bitter in Harare. Title hopefuls Barcelona lost 2-1 at Rayo Viocano. Despite this loss, Javi Hernandez’s students are still at the top of the points table.

Even while playing in the opponent’s field, the Barcelona footballers dominated possession of the ball. And the two teams played equally in attack. Barca footballers keep the ball under themselves for 63 percent of the entire match. And a total of five shots were taken along the opponent’s goal.

On the other hand, the team of hosts Rayo Viacano managed to keep the ball under their control for 37 percent of the entire match. Viocano’s footballers were quite active in attack even though they were a little behind in possession of the ball. Barcelona had a total of six shots on goal. It scored two goals.

The powerful Barcelona scored a goal at the beginning of the match held at the Stadium de Veleses. Alvaro Garcia Rivera scored a goal in the 19th minute of the match to lead Rayo Viocano. No more goals in the first half.

The visiting Barcelona were desperate to get back to parity in the second half. But he could not score a goal, on the contrary, he scored another goal in the 53rd minute. Fran Garcia scored the second goal for the team. Meanwhile, in the 83rd minute of the match, the visitors reduced the gap thanks to Robert Lewandowski. But it was not possible to stop the loss. The match ended with a 2-1 goal difference.

Despite this loss, the giant club Barcelona has retained the top position in the points table. They collected 76 points in 31 matches. Real Madrid, who are 15 points behind them, are at number two in the table. Their collection is 65 points. Atlético Madrid is third with 63 points. And Real Sociedad, which is in fourth, collected 59 points.

(27 April/MM)


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