Monday, December 11, 2023

Barcelona, ​​to the final of the women’s Champions League

has done it again. He FC Barcelona will be in the Champions League final. The fourth in five years, which is said quickly. The Barca team, far superior in play, knew how to suffer against a Chelsea that controlled the tempos better and managed to make the result at Stamford Bridge good. Hansen, after Aitana’s pass, was the hero again.

Giráldez left with his gala eleven, only three changes compared to London. The first, forced, that of Torrejón by Lucy Bronze, recently operated on the knee. And then Mariona for Salma and Oshoala for Geyse. Hayes, for his part, came back with a defense of five and left James on the bench. Although at Stamford Bridge the entry of the young footballer changed the face of Chelsea, the London coach wanted to bet on the withdrawal to minimize the Barça attacks.

The intensity of the first leg was repeated at the Spotify Camp Nou, this time accompanied by the warmth of the 72,262 Barça fans from the arrival of the bus until several minutes after the final whistle.

clash of styles

Neither team was satisfied with the result in London and went all out from the first second. He Chelsea I had nothing to lose, although he gave the impression that he wanted the minutes to pass, and he was immovable in his idea: transitions, counters and long balls to Sam Kerr and Guro Reiten, who wanted to vindicate himself after the goal canceled in the first leg. And Barça came out very serious, playing with intelligence and, although they didn’t press like other timesoccupied the spaces well to minimize risks and cause losses.

All the -few- chances of the first half were for the Catalans, who also dominated in play and possession but only managed to finish off once between the three sticks. Oshoala had a couple of good finishes but failed to finish. Hansen was a danger on the right wing, this time accompanied by Torrejón, and she even saw how the referee Esther Staubli disallowed a goal because she interpreted that she was accompanied by the hand in the shot. Aitana, breaking from the second row, was of great help to the Norwegian and Rolfö, after a scare due to a blow to the head with erikssonwas owner and lady of the left band.

The minutes progressed and the result was increasingly dangerous for Barça, who needed a goal to calm down, knowing that Chelsea can score with very little. Hayes, with the board always ready, took advantage of the ‘classic’ timeouts when it came to treating his players on the green. And he let the minutes pass.


Until the goal of tranquility arrived, more celebrated than ever. She took advantage of one against Aitana to make a run for the central lane, pass to Hansen and the Norwegian, helped by Carter -who had just introduced the ball- scored the first to extend Barça’s lead in the tie overall. The culé bench celebrated it with impetus, Alexia Putellas on it, and madness broke out at the Camp Nou, which cheered to the rhythm of ‘Un dia de partit’.

The euphoria did not last long. In the following action, and after a foul on Mariona in the central circle that the referee missed and a save by Paños on the first shot, Reiten tied the game by taking advantage of the rebound. Chelsea felt more and more comfortable and Hayes brought out all his artillery for the final minutes.

He knew how to put up with Barça well and did not falter. He even broke down in the final minutes. And although he did not manage to score -Geyse was about to do it- can say loud and clear that the first place in the grand final in Eindhoven is his. History.


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