Friday, September 22, 2023

Barcelona recovers the ‘Alonsomania’

He Circuit of Barcelona-Catalunya hosts the seventh round of the championship this weekend and does so in the middle of a huge expectationno. The excellent results of Fernando Alonso at this start of the World Championship, with five podiums in six races, have generated a lot of interest and the effects of ‘Drive to survive‘, the Netflix documentary about Formula 1, which caused a true global tsunami for the promotion of the discipline.

Barcelona already had an extraordinary start in 2022, exceeding all forecasts, but the figures being considered for this course are even better. More than 100,000 tickets have already been sold and there are only a thousand left for sale, with which everything indicates that the ‘sold out’ sign will have to be hung (there are no tickets). The success is total for a circuit that is renovating its facilities and decisively facing the future.

The ‘Alonsomania’ has returned. The atmosphere, interest and passion that surrounds this weekend reminds us of the years 2006 and 2007, those with maximum audience in the Catalan layout. This second youth of Fernando Alonso, his extraordinary start to the season and how close he is to achieving his 33rd victory make F1 popular again. On the other hand, we must not forget that here, on May 12, 2013, just ten years ago, the Spaniard achieved his last victory in F1: his 32nd.

exceptional atmosphere

The atmosphere surrounding this Spanish Grand Prix, the 33rd to be held at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, is extraordinary. Since last Monday it has been possible to verify this with the different events that have taken place in the Port of Barcelona. Fans have turned to the different events organized in the Village located at the end of Passeig Juan de Borbón and the location of a ‘fan zone’ near Colón and organized by Peroni and Aston Martin has also aroused unusual interest.

The high point of these points has come with the presence of the pilots. Fernando Alonso exceeded all expectations on Wednesday night when he arrived at the port to share a space of time with the fans summoned by Aston Martin, signing autographs, giving away hats and even delivering pizza. At the same time, just on the other side, Carlos Sainz was also the protagonist. The man from Madrid, accompanied by marc gene and Pedro de la Rosareceived his mass bath during the presentation of the Spanish GP that was open to the public.

The event was chaired by Roger Torrent, president of the Circuit and Minister of Business and Labor of the Generalitat, assuring that this weekend the attendance “of more than 100,000 people”. During his speech, he explained that this weekend it will be possible to see the improvements introduced to “renovate the facility”, such as an increase in shaded areas, information points or a reinforcement of public transport to reach the venue. In this sense, Torrent recalled that with the Circuit’s Strategic Plan “we are introducing improvements both for the drivers and teams and for the public with the aim of ensuring that the Circuit continues to be a leader”.

Regarding traffic operations and also public transport, which was one of the major deficiencies in 2022, both aspects have been significantly strengthened.


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