Thursday, June 1, 2023

Barcelona holds a parade to celebrate the women’s and men’s league title

FC Barcelona is celebrating after lifting a league title in Spain again and they celebrated it at the top.

After the 4-2 win against Espanyol, the Blaugrana team organized the celebration in the streets of Barcelona together with thousands of fans.

Like this they were the celebrations of the Barcelona

But these celebrations were very special, not only because it was their first title since 2019, but also because they joined the women’s team to celebrate the double.

The men’s Barcelona has 85 points after 34 games, with which they won this title over Real Madrid. While the women’s team also has 85 units, but in 29 games, with 117 goals for and 8 against.

The celebration was carried out in three trucks; in the first there was a DJ and the Barça speaker; the second will be the bus with the players of the men’s first team and the third will have the league champions of the women’s first team.

On the route, which began at the Spotify Camp Nou, they passed through Travessera de les Corts (in the Besòs direction), Numancia street, Berlin street, París street, Balmes street, Pelayo street, Catalunya square (above Canaletes), Fontanella street and the Paseo de Sant Joan before reaching its final point, the Arc del Triomf.


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