Monday, December 11, 2023

Barcelona asks its members if the club should become a public limited company

He Barcelona Soccer Club is carrying out satisfaction studies in the form of online and telephone surveys of a sample of club members that is creating a considerable stir. Shortly after the financing plan for the Espai Barça that threatens to stress the club’s debt to the maximum, one of the issues of the questions referred to the ownership model. The question is the following: “Currently, Barça is 100% owned by the partners and important decisions must be approved in a general Assembly or in a referendum where everyone has a voice; in his opinion, Which model would you prefer for the FCB?“.

In the five possible answers appears the one of the Sports Limited Company:

a) Better to continue as before with 100% ownership for Barça members.

b) It is better to choose to be a Sports Public Limited Company with shareholders.

c) Better a mixed model where at least 51% is from the partners/partners.

d) None of the previous models.

e) He doesn’t know.

This question is surprising because Joan Laporta, president of the entity, has always made a banner that the ownership model is and must continue to belong to the partners. The inclusion of option C, which is the Bayern Munich model, often cited by some Barcelona opinion-makers, is also surprising.

similar queries

From FC Barcelona it is maintained that this type of survey is common to find out the opinions of members. Previously it was the so-called Observatori Blaugrana. At the end of November, in fact, he already made a similar query to ask about the transfer to the Montjuïc Olympic Stadium, but in this case the armed uproar on social networks has been significant, particularly from member groups.

Sandro Rosell already experienced a similar episode when under his presidency he asked himself, in September 2013, if Barça should sell Messi. Then, on TV·3, the then president of Barça came out sarcastically. “Two percent of the members don’t want Messi. I would like to meet that two percent.”


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