Monday, January 30, 2023

Barça wins the Super Cup with a brace from Aitana Bonmatí

He did not appear at the Romano Stadium José Fouto that Real society uncomfortable that put Barça between the ropes in the league and almost made the team’s unbeaten reel in their fortress. The Barça team once again showed that no team -in Spanish football- is up to their standards and won 0-3 to win their third Super Cup. Three of the four possible trophies of this competition already appear in his record. Only Atlético de Madrid, in 2021, was able to prevent them from having the plenary session.

Master class by Aitana Bonmatí

Aitana Bonmatí and Geyse Ferreira did not miss out on the lack of intensity from Natalia Arroyo’s team in the first minutes of games to put the game in their favor from the start. Walsh assisted the Brazilian striker, who ran across the entire right wing and saw the incorporation of Aitana at the penalty spot, who did not miss his shot and beat Lete.

The Barça midfielder was already the undisputed leader of Barça in the semifinal against Real Madrid, when she covered 14.6 kilometers in the match. And this Sunday she was again. The second goal came in almost a replica of the first, with assistance from Geyse and also at the beginning of the second half, with a Real less attentive than what a final against the European runner-up demands. The Brazilian received the ball on the wing and now assisted Aitana on the edge of the area, who scored the second with her right foot, with a cross shot that was Barca’s second target.

Aitana Bonamatí is presenting her candidacy for the Ballon d’Or. The Barca ’14’, without Alexia Putellas on the pitch, is being the captain without a Barça armband. And her game is not limited this season to sharing games. She herself said at the beginning of the season that improving her success in front of goal was one of her pending subjects. And she’s beating her records. With the second goal against Real Sociedad, she scored 12 goals and became the team’s top scorer.

Geyse was the Barcelona reference in attack. He exhibited physicality to win the duels against Tejada and Vanegas, forcing the goalkeeper to be in a state of constant alert. It gave two assists and he was able to score at the start of the game, after a great assist from Patri, and at the end of the first half, in which he made use of his speed to cross the entire band and plant himself in front of the Real goalkeeper. But it was oshoala who sentenced the game in stoppage time after an assist from English international Lucy Bronze. The Nigerian caught the ball in the small area and finished off with a header to make it 0-3 on the scoreboard.

A decaffeinated Royal Society

Barça’s first goal counteracted Real’s attitude, which denied Barça the possession they had had in the opening minutes and exercised a better defensive approach, denying Barça the short touch game with which they excelled in the first quarter of hour and forcing them to play long during the first half. The txuri-urdin team needed to finish the plays better and find Amaiur between lines.

A less spectacular Barça than usual, with many fewer shots on goal than the rest of the season, was enough to beat in the Super Cup final against a Real Sociedad that did not show its best version at the Romano José Fouto Stadium.

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