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Barça ‘resurrects’ La Penya and ends up falling in Badalona

In his best game so far this season, Joventut avenged the defeats in the Super Cup and the Catalan League by winning 82-79 against a barca who had the game in his hands on several occasions and ended up letting him escape in a situation that has been experienced too many times in the era of a Saras who screams more than he solves.

With two ex-azulgranas like Ante Tomic and Pau Ribas as a beacon together with the emerging Joel Parra (he sounded loud last summer as a future blaugrana), the green and black they raised a 42-55 early in the third quarter with a 13-2 run and they repeated in the last quarter with a 12-0 run to endow their eternal rival with their second league defeat. Too many questions with fewer and fewer answers in the Barcelona hosts.

It was an important game for both teams, since the locals presented themselves with four defeats and a negative balance in the Endesa League while the Catalans arrived with doubts after the defeat in Istanbul with a confrontation included between Saras and Kalinic that has not gone any further. In fact, the Serbian has played, although little.

From the beginning The visitors were seen very involved in the game. With four points, Oscar da Silva led the initial 0-6 and two consecutive triples from Laprovittola raised the Barcelona advantage to 10 points (6-16, min. 4:53). Plittle by little the Penya reacted and, with a basket after an offensive rebound from Kyle Guy and a ‘two plus one’ from Simon Birgander, he was only three points away (20-23) before Higgins closed the first quarter with a triple.

The green and black, who did not score any of the six triples they shot in the first two quarters, They based their next attacks on a Guy who scored six points in a row and on a two plus one from Parra that evened the score a lot (30-32, min. 13:36).

There the entrance on the track of Rokas Jokubaitis was key. In need of confidence after his last performances, the Lithuanian scored a triple and a basket of two while seeing with the clarity of the best the advantage that Jan Vesely had in their pairings. He looked for it and found it to the point that the Czech went to 12 points in the first 20 minutes. The problem is that those minutes of the Lithuanian did not have continuity.

While Higgins insisted on missing triples (four in a row for 2/6), Vesely offered a shooting clinic from five meters plus a couple of ‘house brand’ movements (32-43, min. 18:08). When things were worst, the ‘magic’ of Pau Ribas appeared to force two shooting fouls (the first one ended with a technique included for Lapro) and bring his team within five points (38-43).

Nevertheless, two free kicks from Sertaç Sanli and a tap-off from Oriol Paulí in the last attack gave Jasikevicius’ men a nine-point lead at the end of the second quarter (38-47). With a spectacular 12/14 in shots from two, with 5/13 from triple and with 2/2 from the line it is very difficult to beat this Barça. Joventut had to push hard in defense.

Barça was a roller coaster in the third quarter. He started very well with three-pointers by Higgins and Oscar da Silva to establish the maximum advantage of the game (42-55). However, Pau Ribas was still determined to celebrate his fourth league victory and led a phase of scoring and great defense for his team to begin to get closer without a solution of continuity.

The azulgranas went five minutes without scoring baskets in play, with only two free throws from a Satoransky who still does not contribute everything that is expected of him. Ribas was joined by a Joel Parra in the ‘Terminator’ plan to make it 55-57 after a 13-2 run to which the visitors reacted with free throws from Sanli and Da Silva (62-66 at the end of the third quarter ).

More of the same in the last quarter, which It started with baskets from Vesely and Kalinic (62-70) to give way to another spectacular blackout Barça offensive while on the bench Saras yelled more than he solved. From that 62-70 they went to 74-70 at 3:54 from the end after a 12-0 run similar to that of the first half.

From there, Barça was what Laprovittola could do. In full gibberish with up to three theoretical point guards on the track (the Argentine, Satoransky and Jokubaitis), La Penya controlled all facets of the game and went 81-76 with two free throws for Tomic. However, he missed both, Lapro scored from three, Vives committed doubles and the visitors attacked to win with 6.7 to go. That triple was thrown by Higgins and perhaps he should not have thrown it, but Morón’s. He missed it and Feliz sealed the victory from the free kick (82-79).

Data sheet:

82. Joventut Badalona (20+18+24+20): Feliz (10), Ventura (-), Ribas (16), Parra (14), Tomic (16) -initial team-, Vives (5), Ellenson (6), Birgander (5), Guy (10), Busquets (-) and Rodriguez (-).

79. Barcelona (26+21+19+13): Satoransky (8), Laprovittola (19), Paulí (6), Da Silva (12), Sanli (4) -initial team-, Vesely (14), Higgins (9), Abrines (-), Kalinic (2) and Jokubaitis (5).

Referees: Calatrava, Garcia and Fernandez. Sanli was eliminated due to five personal fouls (min. 39).

Incidents: match corresponding to the eighth round of the Endesa League played at the Palau Olímpic in Badalona in front of 10,132 spectators.

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