Friday, September 22, 2023

Barça pays the clause and signs Darío Brizuela

As explained during these last hours, Barça had reached an agreement with Darío Brizuela so that the international compositor could become a culé player. It only remained to break the contract that linked the “Basque mamba” with Unicaja until June 2026. That step is the one that Barça has now taken, paying the termination clause set in the contract that Unicaja and Darío renewed last April.

The club has officially communicated it through its website: “Darío Brizuela has exercised his unilateral right to early termination of the contract that bound him to Unicaja until June 30, 2026. From Unicaja Baloncesto we want to thank Darío Brizuela for his professionalism and commitment shown to the club from the first to the last moment that he has formed part of our entity. In addition, we want to convey the best wishes for his future, both in sports and personal and family terms..

Unexpected departure for fans

Brizuela’s departure has provoked all kinds of reactions on social networks among compositor fans. There are those who believe that he is an irreplaceable casualty, but there are also many who think that the a long million and a half euros that Unicaja “wins” between the termination that Barça pays and the token that the club saves from paying him this coming year It is a very interesting economic amount with which the club can make a leap in quality in the medium and short term.

Brizuela’s march closes a stage for the almost four-year-old from San Sebastian dressed in green. The total numbers of him in Malaga are: 173 games with a scoring average of 12.3 points, 2.4 assists, 1.7 rebounds and a PIR of 10.1, in an average of 20.30 minutes per game.


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