Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Barça formalizes the transfer of Ansu Fati to Brighton until 2024

It’s official. Ansu Fati is a new player of the brightton, the Premier club that will host him for a season. The 20-year-old Barcelona striker was not part of Xavi’s plans, who did not consider him a key part of his offensive structure, and he is leaving for England. “Assigned and without purchase option“, has informed the Barcelona club, that wishes to maintain the control on the career of the forward.

Now, with the transfer until June 2024, an operation is consolidated that could allow a domino effect in the final composition of the Barça squad. It goes on loan Ansu to Brighton. And he could, instead, come on loan joao felix, Atlético’s attacking midfielder, to Montjuïc. Not only that.

He could also arrive at the club on loan joao cancelthe right-back that Pep Guardiola doesn’t want at Manchester City, but Xavi needs to dress as a Barça player. The three players (Ansu, Joao Félix and Cancelo) are represented by the same agent: the Portuguese Jorge Mendes.

In this way, the Barça club is clear of “a present and future heritage”, as Xavi had repeatedly described it on several occasions. The boy (he was 18 then) who inherited Messi’s ’10’ two summers ago is leaving. The young man who embodied the illusion of Barcelona is leaving, whom a serious injury to his left knee, which made him undergo the operating room four times, has hampered his growth.

Ansu Fati goes to England in search of the pampering and confidence that he is transferring to him Robert de Zerbi, the Italian coach, one of the most admired on the European football scene. It goes Ansu Fati to the Premier in search of being Ansu, something that had been lost at Barça, where it was used two years ago and now it is no longer useful.


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