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Barça feasts against Fuenlabrada

He barca prevailed with a scoring festival against the Carplus Fuenlabrada (103-64) in a duel where Saras gave minutes to the players with less presence in the team, and who made the most of it like Kuric (22), Nnaji (12) and Da Silva (14) the most outstanding of the unusual .

Jasikevicius decided to give rest three players who have to be key for the Final Four, Nikola Mirotic, Jan Vesely and Alex Abrines. Along with the absence of Higgins, who has not yet recovered from his back, Jasikevicius took advantage of the presence of the recently relegated Fuenlabrada to give air to his starters and minutes to those who have not had much prominence this season.

The coach continued to give the handle to his stellar partner, Satoransky and Laprovittola, together with Sergi Martínez and the ‘disappeared’ Oscar Da Silva with Sanli instead of Vesely, and the truth is that Barça, He did not start with his best version, but neither did he offer an image of extreme confidence against a clearly inferior rival.

Kuric breaks the game

The Fuenlabreños held out for the first few minutes and even managed to dominate the electronic once (11-12) but it was pure mirage.

Kuric’s entry into the game gave him the verve necessary in attack and two consecutive triples by ‘Lapro’ and Kuric himself allowed Barça to break away from Oscar Quintana’s team. Saras was already moving the bench although it was Kuric, with 8 explosive points at the end of the first quarter (22-16) being the great standout.

With the game on track, Kuric was still ‘hot’ opening the second quarter with a new triple (25-16). It seemed that the game was breaking up soon, although two consecutive baskets from ‘Fuenla’ forced Saras to stop the duel (25-20).

Minutes for the ‘forgotten’

Saras gave entry to another of the ‘forgotten’, Oriol Paulí, who responded promptly with a triple, and Barça picked up the pace to open the scoring, with a triple by Da Silva, very active in the second quarter, and another by Paulí, who were trying to vindicate themselves. The difference grew to 19 points (43-24) and the feeling that the game was no longer going to have more history.

At halftime, the income was 22 points (52-30) with three Blaugrana players in double figures, with Da Silva (10), Laprovittola (10) and Kuric (11).

Barça did not lower the piston because the unusual ones like Kuric wanted to show that they can have important minutes. And how the guard took advantage of it especially, who with two consecutive triples, sent the income to 32 points (64-32).

Sarr joins the party

It was also claimed da silva, perhaps the least used player along with Paulí. The German earned his minutes in a great game, where everyone contributed with a 24-8 run. With ‘Fuenla’ delivered, the income rose to 38 points at the end of the quarter (76-38).

Saras decided to finish the game with his substitutes, who kept pressing and to exceed 40 rental points with a very leading Nnaji in the final stretch (83-42).

The icing on the afternoon at the Palau was provided by the presence of the young Damen Sarr, who got a chance again Endesa League and that he became the last protagonist (8 points) in the most placid game of the season and that served to recover the morale of many substitutes (103-64).

Data sheet

103. Barcelona (22+30+24+27): Satoransky (3), Laprovittola (10), Sergi Martínez (6), Da Silva (14), Sanli (5) -initial team-, Paulí (10), Kalinic (2), Tobey (7), Kuric (22 ), Jokubaitis (4), Nnaji (12) and Sarr (8).

64. Carplus Fuenlabrada (16+14+8+26): Marc Garcia (-), Lewis (10), Horton (16), Kromah (13), Ehigiator (6) -initial team-, Samar (4), Fernández (2), Eyenga (9), Okouo (4), Diaz (-) and Traore (-).

referees: Juan Carlso García González, Jorge Martínez and Héctor Baez. They eliminated visiting Lewis for five fouls (min.36).

incidents: Matchday 31 of the Endesa League played at the Palau Blaugrana in Barcelona in front of 5,738 spectators.


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