Thursday, November 30, 2023

Barça erases the dream of Dreamland Gran Canaria

He Barça added a balsamic victory in the Canary Islands against a tough Dreamland Gran Canaria that came close to surprising the Catalan team, which it dominated for much of the duel, until it ended up being diluted in the last quarter due to the success of Jokubaitis (14 points and 21 PIR) and Abrines (9 points and 3 triples) from the perimeter (73-83).

Despite the intense defense orchestrated by the Claretians – continually forcing two against one and avoiding changes after blocking -, The Barça team found continuous loopholes with the interiors Vesely and Da Silva, who even dared to score triples in a dazzling start (7-10 midway through the first quarter).

Shurna took the offensive baton among the yellows and Albicy the order in the rear, but with the first rotations, the Catalan team maintained the advantage in the electronic (10-14) with Joel Parra as the protagonist -six points in a row-

Two penetrations by Brussino and Lammers balanced the score, but Brizuela and Hernangómez ended up unblocking Barça (14-18) at the close of an initial ‘flu’ period in the final bars.

In the second round, Grimau continued to increase the rotations, with the visiting team remaining at the forefront with the success of Brizuela and some strange points from Parker, but the concatenation of errors and fouls in both rings was already more than palpable (21-22 to 5 :30 for the break). ‘Granca’ tried to make a profit but there was little success from the personal line (43%) mortgaged the island options.

The Lithuanian Rokas Jokubaitis took the lead in the Blaugrana offensive section, but he ran into Nico Brussino who jumped onto the hardwood in a stellar manner, scoring 10 points in just three minutes, including a dunk and an unsportsmanlike foul that took him out of his sleeve. to the Baltic player himself, his defensive partner in those moments that led to a more than unexpected first half for the Catalan expedition (37-32).

At the restart, the shooting percentages of both teams continued to be very poor (42% for Dreamland and 41% for Barça), but even in those circumstances, Gran Canaria was taking advantage of the punctual success of Lammers and Brussino himself. (44-35), neutralizing the Catalan superiority in painting.

Laprovittola and Satoransky came to the rescue of Hernangomez, that little by little was gaining prominence in the zone, forcing fouls and baskets under the backboard, leaving the score 48-46 with 4:20 left in the third period. But it would be Parra who would end up turning the game around with a mid-range shot and two free throws (50-51).

Even so, Barça remained stuck, without enough clarity in attack and with problems stopping the yellow wingers. Saved and Pelos took on the honors to put Dreamland ahead again (59-56), before facing the last quarter.

Already in the final period, Grimau’s team encountered a new setback after being eliminated by Jabari Parker with seven minutes remaining. However, Vesely and Da Silva closed the bleeding, putting Barça ahead again (64-65).

From there, Gran Canaria suffered a severe short circuit, with a partial score of 1-9 for the Catalans, based on the success of Jokubaitis and Abrines (67-74), forcing Lakovic to time out. Slaughter and Happ tried to revive the island squad, but A triple by Abrines with 1:40 left sealed a clash that ended 73-83 in favor of Barça.

Data sheet:

73. Dreamland Gran Canaria (14+23+22+14): Albicy (6), Brussino (18), Shurna (8), Landesberg (1), Happ (9) – starting quintet; AJ Slaughter (4), Bassas (-), Prkacin (3), Salvó (8), Pelos (3) and Lammers (13).

Coach: Jaka Lakovic.

83. Barça (18+14+24+27): Satoransky (2), Laprovittola (5), Parra (11), Da Silva (9) and Vesely (5) -starting quintet-; Parker (8), Kalinic (2), Abrines (9), Jokubaitis (14), Hernangómez (11), Brizuela (5), Nnaji (2).

Coach: Roger Grimau.

Referees: Antonio Conde, Sergio Manuel and Vicente Martínez. They eliminated the Barça player Parker personally.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the first day of the Endesa League, played at the Gran Canaria Arena in front of approximately 8,102 spectators. In the run-up to the match, the Claretian club paid tribute to former players Santi Toledo (146), Berni Hernández (212) and Roberto Guerra (325), as the Gran Canarian players with the most games in the history of the ACB. In addition, a minute of silence was observed for the victims of the Israel-Palestine conflict.


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