Saturday, April 1, 2023

Banreservas and Tourism present Punta Bergantín project in Spain

Madrid Spain. The Reserve Bank and the Ministry of Tourism presented the Punta Bergantín project at Fitur 2023, an initiative designed to support national tourism development with the creation of thousands of jobs that will boost the economy of Puerto Plata and the entire region.

Samuel Pereyra, general administrator of Banreservas, explained that Playa Bergantín will have 6,760 hotel rooms; as well as 13,705 residential rooms and an academic campus aimed at promoting education and innovation in the country.

In a meeting with foreign investors, executives and owners of hotel chains, Pereyra and the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, offered extensive details about the impact that Punta Bergantín will generate throughout the Atlantic area.

Pereyra specified that the first stage of the project will begin this year, with the construction of 700 hotel rooms, in an area of ​​2.76 million square meters.

He announced that the Reserve Bank will evaluate and support, through timely credit solutions, national and foreign investors who are interested in investing in this tourist complex.

“Since 2021 we have been working on this initiative, carrying out the required technical and commercial studies, and thus determine that it is viable to build and commercialize there, and in what proportion to do it so that it is attractive and profitable from the point of view of our businesses, without forget the advances that it will represent for the entire area, both economically and socially,” he said.

The presentation of the tourism initiative was held at the Casino de Madrid, where there were also representatives of the press, bank executives and leaders of the Dominican community in Spain.

History of Brigantine

In 2021, the Reservas Group acquired around 9.6 million square meters, in the municipality of Villa Montellano, in Puerto Plata, precisely on the coast of Punta Bergantín, to develop a strategic framework with other government entities, to transform these lands into a urban tourism development area.

In addition to the hotel facilities, a film studio will be built there that will be installed with the international firm One Race Films, a company chaired by the actor Vin Diesel; as well as a modern 18-hole golf course.

This project will also build the first Planet Hollywood Hotel, which will operate in the Dominican Republic, with financing from the Banco de Reservas, according to an agreement announced this Thursday at Fitur.

The master plan for the development of Punta Bergantín includes the preparation of commercial lots, land for offices, recreational areas, a beach club and hospitals, among other services.

The Banco de Reservas delegation has deployed a broad operation of activities, contacts and meetings with representatives of the hotel industry and its entire value chain during the Tourism Fair that will conclude on Sunday 22 in the Spanish capital.


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