Friday, September 29, 2023

Bangladesh in batting disaster

Bangladesh did not get off to a good start after losing the toss and batting in the Asia Cup regulation match. Four batters have already returned to the dressing room. That’s why the batting is in trouble. Till writing this report, Bangladesh’s collection is 59 runs for 4 wickets.

Now Shakib Al Hasan is batting for 21 runs and Tawheed Hriday is batting for zero runs.

After losing the toss in Colombo, Tiger opener Liton Kumar Das returned to bat without picking up any runs in the third over of Mohammed Sameer’s innings. He did not meet Ran. Tanjeed Hasan Tamim took the path to Sajghar on the first ball of the next over. He scored 13 runs.

Enamul Haque Bijay could not benefit with the bat. He took the way to the dressing room with a four-legged walk. Meanwhile, Mehdi Hasan Miraj, who accompanied Shakib at the crease for a while, got out for 13 runs.

(September 15/MM)


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