Thursday, March 30, 2023

Banco BHD offers contactless transactions at its ATMs

Banco BHD is the first financial entity in the Dominican Republic to enable its customers to carry out transactions from its ATMs just by presenting the credit and debit card plastics to the ATM machine, without having to introduce them.

The update, which is already available at 45 ATMs, allows access to all ATM transactions that require credit and debit card authentication, and applies to all types of cards. By next April, the BHD will have completed this update in 180 ATMs and by the end of the year it will complete 373 ATMs, which represent approximately 50% of all the entity’s ATMs.

Rodolfo Vander Horst, Executive Vice President of Operations and Channels at Banco BHD, stated that “our customers can carry out their transactions just a tap away,” and explained that “this new functionality of our ATMs allows customers to access their accounts and make transactions without the need to introduce the plastic of the card, just showing it to the machine identified with the symbol of contactless transactions”.

The technology used by these ATMs is Near Field Communication (NFC) or near field communication, which offers faster transactions, more security by eliminating exposure to third parties and the possible retention of plastic in the ATM, and is easier to use for people.

“All the improvements we make are developed with the most important thing for our organization in mind: customers. We work every day to offer them a more responsible, innovative and close bank through the most complete offer of digital products and services on the market and the best customer service”, commented Vander Horst.


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