Sunday, June 4, 2023

Bancentralian Volunteers deliver an annual contribution of RD$450,000 to the Red Cross

He Bancentralian Volunteering (VB), social arm of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BCRD), delivered its annual contribution of RD$ 450,000.00 to the Dominican Red Cross in order to contribute to the maintenance of its blood bankwhile guaranteeing its supply to active and passive employees of the BCRD.

Thanks to this contribution made over seven years, 1,095 units (pints) of blood have been provided, including its analysis and storage in optimal conditions for its use.

The resources were delivered by Anesther Díaz, Denisse Comarazamy and Soraya Bautista, from the volunteer board of directors, to Lucrecia Rosario and Rafael Roque, from the Dominican Red Cross.

As part of the collaboration agreement with the Red Cross, the Bancentralian Volunteers will also make their annual blood donation, thus contributing to maintaining the reserves of the Dominican blood bank at an adequate level to supply existing needs.

The Bancentraliano Volunteer is an institution linked to the Central Bank, made up of officials, employees and pensioners who decide to express their spirit of solidarity with society and their sensitivity to the environment, through the exercise of human generosity and the care of our national heritage.


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