Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Bajrang Dal-VHP will not oppose ‘Pathan’ in Gujarat, said ‘Now it is up to the citizens to decide whether to watch the film or not’

There is only one day left to wait to see Shahrukh Khan on the big screen after more than 4 years. ‘Pathan’, which is said to be the comeback film of the King of Bollywood, is going to be released in theaters on Friday.

When the song ‘Besharam Rang’ was released before the trailer of ‘Pathan’, there was a lot of controversy regarding a scene. Deepika, who is playing the female lead opposite Shahrukh in the film, was seen wearing a ‘saffron’ colored bikini in a song scene. Describing this scene as ‘hurting religious sentiments’, its criticism started. There was a lot of controversy regarding the song and many leaders and organizations started opposing ‘Pathan’. The matter reached so far that appeals were made to boycott the film. But now there is big news for Shahrukh’s fans.

Bajrang Dal will not oppose ‘Pathan’
Vishva Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal, who have been at the forefront of protesting against ‘Pathan’ in several cities, will no longer oppose the film in Gujarat. Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s area minister in Gujarat Ashok Rawal has issued an official statement in this regard. In his statement, he praised the censor board for making changes in ‘Pathan’ and said that now it is up to the public to watch the film or not.

Aashiq Rawal said in his official statement, ‘After Bajrang Dal’s protest of Hindi film Pathan, the censor board has removed obscene songs and lewd words in the film, which is good news. I congratulate all the workers and the entire Hindu society for this successful struggle to protect religion and culture.

If culture is taken care of then there will be no objection
He further said, ‘At the same time, I also request the censor board, producers and theater owners that as an important participant of the film industry, if they oppose such things keeping in mind the religion, culture and patriotism in time. If we do, Bajrang Dal and Hindu society will not have any objection.

Before ending his statement with ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai… Jai Shri Ram…’, Ashok Rawal said, ‘We leave it to the enlightened citizens of Gujarat to decide whether to watch the film or not.’

‘Pathan’ is going to release in theaters on January 25 and for this the public is booking tickets in advance. This statement of Ashok Rawal, which came a day before its release, will further motivate the people going to theaters to watch ‘Pathan’. Now it has to be seen how is the business of ‘Pathan’.


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