An actress of the 60s and 70s, who acted in more than 250 films … earned a name … made her mark among the people. But today she is living a life of oblivion. Not only this, his condition is so bad that even for his treatment, people have to ask for the help of money. Such stories have come before us many times. But as strange as it sounds, it is worse than living it.

Jayakumari in trouble


South actress Jayakumari is currently living this life. His kidneys have stopped working. Money is needed for treatment. For this, Jaya Kumari has to seek help from the people. Jaya’s financial condition is not good. Jaya’s husband Nagapattinam Abdullah died many years ago. The actress has three children. One son and two daughters. Jayakumari lived with her son Roshan.

children did not support

Jaya’s kidney has failed. Lakhs of rupees are needed for their treatment which they do not have. The actress is pleading with the people that someone should come forward and help them. Lakhs of rupees are needed for kidney operation. Jayakumari’s condition is not such that she can earn, nor can the children be able to get the mother’s treatment. Their condition is such that they are not even able to pay the hospital fees.


Health minister helped

Seeing Jayakumari’s condition so dire, Tamil Nadu Health Minister M Subramaniam came forward. M Subramaniam has extended a helping hand to the actress. The Health Minister has assured that the government will bear the entire cost of the actress’s medical expenses. Not only this, Jayakumari will also be given a house to live by the government. According to reports, it is being told that none of Jayakumari’s children came forward to help her. No one bothered to come to the hospital to see him.

Jayakumari started her acting career in 1966. She was 16 when she did her first film. The actress has worked in about 300 films so far. In her entire film career, Jaya has worked with many big actors. If we look at his most memorable films, films like Angirindo Vandal, Harmana, Nutrukku Nuru, Ananthai Anandan are included.