Friday, September 29, 2023

Background dancers accused famous singer of sexual exploitation, made shocking revelations

Hollywood’s well-known pop singer Lizzo has now come under the scanner of controversies. Singer Lijo is known for spreading body positivity about her plus size and singing great songs. But Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noelle Rodriguez, who worked with him as a back ground dancer, have made huge allegations against Lijo. Dancers say that Lijo sexually assaulted them. Also, they were exploited on the basis of religion and colour.

Dancers made big allegations

On Tuesday, August 1, Ariana, Crystal and Noel, who worked with Lizzo, filed a lawsuit against the singer, her company Big Girls Big Touring Inc., and her dance captain Shirlene Quigley. In this case, the dancers have made surprising revelations, which include eating fruits from the private parts of the sex workers.

The victims say that Lijo took them out for a walk during a concert trip in Amsterdam. Here he went to the red light area of ​​the city, which was full of sex theaters and sex shops. There were many clubs and bars showing nudity at this place. On going to a nude bar, Lizzo started calling her team members and asked them to touch the adult performer. The matter did not end here. Even worse happened to us. The female dancers also say that a month after this, Lijo had once again taken them to show an adult show by deception. In such a situation, they were not even given a chance to say no.

Lizzo fat shamed

Due to her weight, Lijo has to face trolls many times. In such a situation, she often gives knowledge of body positivity and self-love by giving befitting answers to trolls. However, if the claims of his dancers are to be believed then the story behind the scenes is different. He says that recently when a dancer had gained weight, Lijo not only made fun of him by taunting him, but also insulted him. Not only this, the singer also fired that dancer from his job.

dance captain exploited

There is also an allegation on Lijo that she had falsely accused the dancers performing with her of drinking alcohol in the middle of work. After this, Singer made him audition continuously for 12 ‘painful’ hours. Lijo’s dance captain Sherlyn is accused of imposing her Christian beliefs on other dancers. Also stimulated him for oral sex and shared his porn fantasy with him. Sherlyn also talked about the virginity of a performer.

Till now there is no response from Lijo, his production house and Dance Captain regarding these allegations. Meanwhile, an old video of Lijo is going viral. In this, during an interview, she is expressing her desire to go to an adult show.


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