Sunday, June 4, 2023

Ayuso assures that Madrid will know “shortly” if it has an F1 Grand Prix

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid and candidate for re-election for the PP, has once again referred in an electoral key to the “advanced” negotiations which maintains the capital of Spain to host a Formula 1 Grand Prix. According to him, the agreement could be announced shortly and there could even be a race in Madrid in 2025, when the contract with the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalonia would still be in force.

Ayuso’s plan and that of the promoters who want to bring F1 to Madrid involves promoting a urban layout in the vicinity of IFEMA. “It would be throughout the next legislature, around 2025 approximately if everything goes well and if we have the green light, because I do not want to go ahead and give details, although We hope to know in a few weeks”Ayuso has commented to the Cope chain.

“We are negotiating with different organizations that are part of this Grand Prix, without public money, without a euro of public money, but in a format that would be very good for Madrid since it is an international brand and Formula 1 moves passions”, has explained Ayuso, who has rejected the idea that Madrid’s expectations of having a grand prix go against those of the organizers of the current Spanish GP in the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalonia.

“It would never be to the detriment of Catalonia. I do not operate against any autonomous community. Madrid is at the service of Spain and everything that is good for Catalonia is good for everyone”, argues Ayuso, who has made a clarification: “A different thing is whether this organization (F1) wants to be in Catalonia or not… It is different from the negotiations that we are undertaking from Madrid, which are on the right track.”


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