Friday, September 29, 2023

Averno promises to ruin the Atlantis party in the Arena México

The celebrations of Atlantis in the CMLL could be ruined by one of the great rude of the company, the master and lord Averno, who wants to darken the party.

In an interview, Averno recognizes the figure of the king of Atlantis. “He has earned things hard. Previously there was talk of a Saint, Demon and now Atlantis is mentioned in the story,” he said.

But in this recognition, he pointed out that he not only wants to ruin the party, he also wants the mask of the CMLL banner that would elevate him to the horns of the moon.

“This Friday I will give his gift to Atlantis, I will not make it easy for him,” said the heir of Mr. Rodolfo Ruiz, who said that he will also tie Octagon to the clothesline, “he said.

The rude recognized that it is difficult to convince people because he is strict, but the most difficult moment was when he decided to train wrestling with great teachers such as Don Rodolfo Ruiz, Shadito Cruz or Felipe Ham Lee, thanks to this, the public has favored with their support, because they enjoy their rudeness, their aggressiveness; although sometimes the passions are enormous.

Atlantis will join Atlantis Jr. Y Octagón to face Averno, Mephisto and Euforia in the star fight of the show.


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